Information Passwords Rar Archives

Very often store valuable information we use to support various programs that specialize in this area. Despite the fact that many of them are very useful, and have protection against burglary and broad functionality, we rarely use them for two reasons: payment for the program and its inaccessibility (although lately, with the appearance of free and inexpensive Internet, this criterion can be discarded). But why look for yourself unnecessary problems, since a lot easier, quicker and easier to use the services of your trusty companion, without which, to date, almost no one computer just can not do. You certainly have guessed that it was a WinRAR'e. Perhaps now we can move on to the topic of this article. In WinRar password can be used to protect content archive created with the program. When using such protection, the user specifies a password for yourself encryption algorithm AES-128. Anyone trying to extract the information content archive, must enter the correct password, the code that was used to coding.

Otherwise, if the user is unable to enter the correct password, the content of Rar-archive will be extracted. It is important to remember that if you lose your encryption, no, almost no way to retrieve data from the archive. The method used encryption is so strong that even the author of WinRAR utility does not decode the file cmozhete, with no password. There are two ways to use password protection for RAR-archives: 1.Ustanovka password on default. The choice of encryption is carried out to create a file RAR. After setting a password in this way, coding is applied to all files located within the archive.

2.Ustanovka password to individual files. Coding applied directly to the selected files in the archive was created. And just when you use this method, be possible to set a password for each file separately. By default, passwords encode data stored in within the individual files. But there is also an option to encrypt the archive so that the file names and even browsing the archive have been hidden from the user-supplied input, without the proper password. Encoding files using WinRAR – very effective way to keep data within the archive, from strangers and unwanted interventions. But be warned, in no case do not lose their passwords, so as to restore them, 99%, you can not.

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