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Solar System

The activities with the professors had occurred at night, of following way: ) Reception and briefing explanation concerning the programming. b) Exhibition of the film ' ' History of the Astronomia' ' , with the duration of 10 minutes. After the film, had referring quarrels to Astronomy. c) Communications on the rejoinders and models in […]


Microsoft SQL Server

The language of the servant executes in the Web server. In the last years the programming of the side of the servant has become more popular than the programming from the side of the client, since he is independent of the type of navigator who this using navigator. The programmers they refer to this like […]


Street Lighting

The entire system of street lighting will be fully automated, and the new vandal-proof fixtures will reduce costs for ongoing recovery. – How to change the business climate in the city lately? – It has become much more favorable for the development of small and medium-sized businesses. About this chuguevtsy can tell, at least, by […]