Month: October 2012

Solar System

The activities with the professors had occurred at night, of following way: ) Reception and briefing explanation concerning the programming. b) Exhibition of the film ' ' History of the Astronomia' ' , with the duration of 10 minutes. After the film, had referring quarrels to Astronomy. c) Communications on the rejoinders and models in scale displayed: celestial sphere, globe of the Land, miniplanetarium (Orrery), Mars globe, investigates of the mission of exploration of Mars, globe of Venus, globe of the Moon, ship of the Apollo mission, space bus and others. d) Recognition of the nocturnal sky, with the localization of constellations and planets by rough estimate naked. e) Comment of the planet Saturn to the telescope. f) Presentation of the intitled session of planetarium ' ' Csmica&#039 trip; ' , with the duration of 45 minutes.

This session approaches the sky of a typical night of winter. After the identification of the main constellations of the station, the spectator is taken to a trip simulated for the Solar System and is of the galaxy. This programming had as objective to extend the contact with the professors, so that these if became divulgadores of the project in classroom, being stimulated the pupils to participate. The activities with the pupils had occurred in the matutino, vespertine and nocturnal period, of the following form: ) Reception and explanation of the relation between the Astronomical Polar region and the college for the construction of the project. b) Communications concerning the structure, instrumentation and function of an astronomical astroroof. The groups that had appeared at night also had been able to make comments. c) Presentation of the planetarium session ' ' Csmica&#039 trip; '. The visits had had as objective to awake the interest of the pupils for Science and to stimulate them to develop it projects in group it Cultural Week to become fullfilled itself in days 10, 11 and 12 of November of 20101.

Microsoft SQL Server

The language of the servant executes in the Web server. In the last years the programming of the side of the servant has become more popular than the programming from the side of the client, since he is independent of the type of navigator who this using navigator. The programmers they refer to this like the platform – cross. Perl, PHP, ASP and JSP are the popular programming languages of the side of the client. The data bases have been developed to allow to the dynamics of the Web sites. The dynamic pages Web allow to a high level of personalisation when recovering the information. Whenever Web is written with the values of a form in a page – if those S-values for an identifier of user and password, the characteristics of its ideal pair or an author name – we are speaking of a dynamic Web site.

This is only one way to say that there is a data base that is used to execute the Web site. But the popular used data bases include MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. The objective of the WC3 is to obtain coherent norms between all the companies that use technologies Web such as HTML, CSS and XML. Before the creation of the detailed norms by the WC3, the companies they used different standards, that it gave rise to possible incompatibilidades. The WC3 I copy this by means of the creation of an open forum – it allows the companies to reach an agreement on the fundamental norms of the WWW technologies. The future of the influence of Berners-Read in modern computer science it is in the context of the Semantic Web. Semantic meaning is understood.

A semantic Web is a Web where the elements that appear in a document have some sense and can process be automatically by a machine in some form of data summary. At present, the documents of the WWW warehouse written in HTML make no sense since they are based only on the presentation. Tim Berners-Read established the conceptual bases for the World Wide Web. It was his initial idea to create a way where the information can free and be interchanged with facility. The norms of the same and the lack of confidence in a central servant, gave to an advantage of the Web and the independence him of the crossed platform, which took to its meteoric ascent in popularity. As well, it gave rise to his popularity, I popularize many programming languages, data bases, norms of marked, servants – as well as – virus and worms. Nevertheless, whereas Tim Berners-Read is the father ” of Internet, its evolution throughout the years is the result of the efforts of an extraordinary number of the people. There is no doubt that 500 or 1,000 years from now on, the historians spoke of the invention of Internet like one of those historical events – like the press of Gutenberg.

Street Lighting

The entire system of street lighting will be fully automated, and the new vandal-proof fixtures will reduce costs for ongoing recovery. – How to change the business climate in the city lately? – It has become much more favorable for the development of small and medium-sized businesses. About this chuguevtsy can tell, at least, by the way How many new beautiful pavilions and shops appeared in the city as trade develops. Our shopping and entertainment center Big House may envy and major cities. There was a time when we had nowhere to take the delegation of Other cities and states. But now in Chuguyev increased fine restaurants and hotel complexes "Alex", "The Prince", "Mercury" with a really high culture of restaurant service and excellent cuisine.

Rooms are comfortable and these complexes serve as resting places for visitors and tourists. At the new, modern technologies revived Chuguivs'kyi meat. The town included large enterprises, such as "Ecotone" "Oliyno fat Alliance. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of appearance in modern industrial enterprises. Each of them contributes to the development of social sphere, brings money into the budget and provides assistance in the city organizing cultural events. For example, "Ecotone", bought and renovated the old premises of the trust "", created for residents new jobs with the European working conditions, providing a "social package. The company intends to build a new building for its staff on-site abandoned social facilities.

Laying the foundation stone of this building will be held during the City Day celebrations. Several apartments in future home will go to the city and their families get in the queue for housing as a benefit recipients. Industrial development in Chuguyev continues. Slightly prevented the crisis, but has laid the groundwork for that in a short time – on the basis treasury of the premises of the plant fuel equipment and furniture company – earned some interesting, modern enterprises for the production of furniture and products for the building industry. – Near some houses Last week, set up new beautiful benches – This – a gift from the city the inhabitants of those houses, which won the competition to the most timely and full payment of utility bills. This gift, according to the results of the competition, received 10 blocks of flats. Waiting for promoting the City Day and the nine houses with the most modern form of housing management – ajoah. Also presents the townspeople will be updated at the Square district branch of the registry office, three new playgrounds, established by local budget funds in 154 neighborhood, on the street. Guards and on the street. Rosa Luxemburg. And finally, the opening in the Art-alley. She will start work at 9.00 in the City Day, August 7. It is interesting project "Creative Union of Artists and craftsmen Chugueva" – a new art studio in our city. I invite all dear countrymen and visitors alike to visit the art-mall, as well as other interesting activities that will be held in the City Day and, of course, come to the concert, so that all together to rejoice over our beloved city, for its beauty and talent of its people, for the successes that we have achieved.