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Industrial Revolution

Nowadays, highly mechanized agriculture industry, but thousands of years people worked the land by hand or using the power of pets. With what started the history of agricultural technology? Of course, with plow. Plow, as you know, work the soil, turning the top layer of soil, he loosened the soil, removes it from the weeds, […]


Industrial Safety

Examination of industrial safety – Conformity Assessment examination object its requirements of industrial safety. The result of examination of industrial safety is the conclusion. The objects of the examination of industrial safety are the petrochemical and refining industries, the explosion and fire facilities, metallurgical production facilities chemically dangerous enterprises, objects of trunk pipelines and some […]


Industrial Latches

The company 'Evrokolesa' offers industrial-type latch 'frog', and clips production OJOP (Sweden). The range of these products is constantly updated with special designs that conform to the current request, and today has approximately 500 titles and includes three main groups. Examples of clips like 'frog' latch-type 'frog' are designed for rapid assembly and disassembly of […]