Month: November 2019

Best Rating Service Vehicles

In Germany, conducted a survey among business executives with an average annual income from 136 000 to 186 00 euros (that is, among so-called "small" business). The purpose of the survey was to compile the rankings most popular company cars, transfers "Deutsche Welle". And it turned out that most executives prefer to go to the official Mercedes-Benz E-Class. I must say at once that the amount spent on the purchase of a company car in Germany depends primarily on the position of man in the hierarchy of the company. And here is second branch of the economy, which employs the company. On average, company cars for managers spend 53-60 thousand euros. In the 2 / 3 of the company indicates the manager not only to the class of future car, but also to the brand (and sometimes even the color of the body).

Mercedes-Benz E-Class ranks first in popularity among executives. He rides every eighth head (or rather 11.96%). Second place for the Audi A6 (11,12%), the third is the BMW 5-series (10.97%). This trio confidently in the lead, far ahead of all other models. For comparison, coming in fourth place Volkswagen Passat scored only 3.82% and the Audi A4 – 3.78%. As for the machine representation class, they are the managers are not very popular. Apparently, because of their high cost. Still, Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a ranking of eighth place (last year it was, incidentally, is the fourth), Audi A8 – eleventh, and BMW 7-Series – Thirteenth.

Twenty most popular company cars in Germany (according to 'DW') 1. Mercedes E-Class 2. Audi A6 3. BMW 5 Series 4. VW Passat 5. Audi A4 6. BMW X5 and X3 7. BMW 3 Series 8. Mercedes S-Class 9. Volvo XC90 and XC60 10. Mercedes M-Class and C-11. Audi A8 12. VW Touareg 13. BMW 7 Series 14. Renault 15. VW Golf 16. VW Multivan 17. Porsche 911 18. Audi Q7 19. Toyota-Lexus 20. Charles koch understood the implications. Ford Mondeo

Posting Photos Online

And again the same thing but briefly … "How can you help to send a photo or image to a forum in my post" Tue, December 23 – 19:42:33 Maybe it is the most popular question asked by users of blogs, forums and online photo albums. For assistance, try visiting koch brothers. At least I, as a photo hosting site administrator,, take out these kinds of questions from users very often. And as fans do not read the FAQ very much … here and write about the same. We turn to the point! In order to send / post an image on a blog or a forum you will need: Once again, check the menu for the new posts on your blog site or forum.

Maybe there is already a key for the downloaded image? 1. The button is there, but you asked to enter a URL link and not just download the file from your computer? Wonderful! So you need to create a link to a photo album or picture. 2. The buttons do not have one. It's still means that you need to create a link to a photo album or picture.

To create a link you need to place the file anywhere on the Internet. For example, you can easily do it for free on Complete a quick registration, create your own photo album and upload images or photos. Links to photos and photo albums are on can find in preview mode. Click on 'Link to photo / album' and select a location reference to the photo album or You can get a link to a photo, Weight album or the album as a slide – show Copy and paste the link to its Web site, blog forum, blog, or anywhere. In the case of "2. The buttons do not have one, "just put the link in your text rabotoet How? You have placed link, but the screen will only see this same link and no image? Warning – this is normal. When you are finished and send / publish a message, place links to see photos, audio and so on. All of this is loaded with the server automatically and unnecessarily more you install anything. That's it! Enjoy illustrated forums, blogs and websites.

Receiver Knowledge

We are born, and soon we assume the condition of receivers of information, of knowledge and wisdom. In determined period of training of our lives, us we start to be recptores, and senders of information, knowledge and wisdom. It is there that phase of responsibilities starts, where we have that to measure the words to pronounce, a time that now we are formadores of opinions, and many times people act according to these opinions. Therefore from this moment we have that to keep a certain position, and alone to say things that they build, since one, or two dull phrases, can take a gamma of people to the universe of the fools, with gone ticket alone of. Learn more at: Michael Dell. In this period of training the position is of vital importance for us. All the protocols must be played the scratch, not to run the risk to be dismissed of our authority of sender, and to start to exert the fool paper, next to the fools. An sender never can place itself in the receiver condition, thinking that this attitude will make with that they dare it to the receivers. In the truth what it will occur it is that they veram it to the receivers as one of them, and when the same to try to emit information, knowledge and would sabaderia, sombaram of its intellect.. Koch is actively involved in the matter.

Rolf Hartlieb OPS SECURITY

A GPS Tracker, complete the offer. An overview of arming and disarming including user name, date, and time is possible even from a distance, where the latest 255 events precisely logged would: this security technology provides even professionals in terms of burglary before massive problems, promises Rolf Hartlieb. SYSTEM 5007X corresponds to the high level of safety in the class 2 according to EN 50131; all components are checked by the control panel automatically and regularly. In particular, they are reliably secured against sabotage. Therefore, even sensitive data can be transferred, because this 868 MHz transmission is encoded alternately constantly, and digital. Without hesitation Charles Koch explained all about the problem. The Center monitors both these radio alarm for the car as the vehicles themselves. Not only in the auto trade: more customers through less intrusion the advantages offered by this innovative security technology dealers, rentals, forwarders, etc., are unique for Rolf Hartlieb: against burglary safeguard is perfect and secure the sabotage in a matter of seconds has every car or commercial vehicle. This saves effort, time and lots of money for guards, increased insurance premiums or the expensive acquisition of Spare parts or even replacement vehicles.

Not to forget: one achieved through higher security against burglary not only in the auto trade a higher customer loyalty. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Rolf Hartlieb OPS SECURITY safety & technology Behringstrasse 13 D-63814 Mainaschaff phone: (0 60 21) 7 50 45 fax: (0 60 21) 7 60 45 Web: press contact: PR bee of Reimund Bertrams, Kerstin Miehle Reisser 02306-85 07 92 or 0173-8955630 is boiler plate / portrait of the company since 1989 the company OPS-SECURITY safety & technology in the greater Frankfurt/Main, but now also far beyond a term for first class, precisely elaborated security concepts and flexible security technology on portable financial terms. Private individuals, SMEs and public sector clients trust the expertise of business owner Rolf Hartlieb and its 25 employees, when it comes to the planning, selection, and installation of wired or wireless-based alarm systems, go to video surveillance and fire protection. A particular focus of entrepreneurial activity is in the field of radio technology, which has a higher degree of flexibility and freedom over wired solutions with simultaneous reduction of installation and maintenance. As one of the few companies of its sector, OPS SECURITY maintains a competent hotline staffed 24 hours a day.