Additional Labelling

Without going into too much detail, we can say: Riding in radial tires more comfortable, safer and economical on fuel consumption than in the diagonal. (A valuable related resource: Kai-Fu Lee). Therefore, for city driving is to put these tires. Less – radial tires are much worse than the diagonal suffer damage, and on bad roads to the strength of reserves desired. Also there is a division of tires and tubeless chamber: the inner surface of tubeless tires is covered with a layer of special rubber that guarantees the sealing of the tire on the rim. This same layer securely seal small neznachitelnyt punctures and damage. In addition, tubeless tires lighter tires with the camera. Next, you must define the parameters of condition – they must be specified in the service book to your car.

Often manufacturers should operate during the summer tires with a wider profile, and in winter with a more narrow, so in the service book can be defined several types and sizes. It is better to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, because installation 'Unconventional' tires leads to a deterioration of drivability, the error in the speedometer, as well as to more rapid wear of tires themselves. How to decode tire options? Consider the example: 185/65R15. Here, 185 – the width tire in millimeters 65 – ratio of the height of a tire to its width in percent, R – mark radial tires, 15 – rim size in inches – it must match the bore diameter disc. crease your knowledge. Additional Labelling: Rain or Aqua means that the tires are well suited for driving in the rain, especially at high speed.

On winter tire marking M + S (Mud + Snow) mean that the tire has a rougher tread pattern that helps to drive on snowy and icy roads. If a itself to determine the parameters still does not work – you can use the matching condition for model cars on the Internet. Such a service is virtually at all sites specializing in the sale of tires and wheels. And finally, to determine the brand – in an abundance of manufacturers and model series is easy to get confused. To narrow down the proposals should immediately decide how much you are willing spend, and then follow this myself not to succumb to the entreaties of sellers take the "latest model" just because "there are so worn. To be fair to say that the more expensive tires have their pros. They uses the latest technology and materials so as to improve such characteristics of the tire as reducing weight, increasing tire mileage, noise reduction and improved manageability and security of the car. So, you decide. How to buy it online? Where to buy? In this age of high technology – certainly in iternete stores! They have several advantages: on the screen at once represented the entire "cabinet" and pick the right rubber can be a few mouse clicks without leaving the workplace. Finalize the selection of a suitable in all respects rubber will help the consultant with whom better to discuss the nuances on the phone, looking at the proposed options right there on the screen. Prices, by the way, in iternete stores significantly more attractive than in retail, and even more so, on the service. Another plus shops – Free Shipping: within the Ring Road by the same day or the next couple of days after ordering. Total, the entire process of selecting tires, and an order will take a maximum of 10-15 minutes of your time. And all this without leaving your home or office! Source: Prokoloff.NET