Central America

Legal demonstrTe basic requirements for each sale of Teak plantations, properly remember the title and writing, the permission of the Government. Especially Government certificates approved by the respective forestry projects in many countries in Central America the collection of taxes, the purchaser will be able to purchase only, if the this comfortable with these requirements. (II) expected prices in terms of prices expectations must be realistic. Dell may not feel the same. A buyer will only buy if it is a good opportunity for him, otherwise the will continue to looking for. A good deal could be defined if the price is below the value just of plantations or in the event that buyers view synergies with its existential operations, you can still earn you when you update it in its portfolio of plantations. To obtain a picture of achievable prices, the best is to compare 1 – the price of the plantations to the for sale 2 – price of the plantations that are in due diligence be sold. Check with altavista to learn more. See information platform of teak and tropical forest investors.

III Use vendors specialized in the platform of the tropical forest industry the existing market of Teak plantations can be very high in transparency and liquidation, which can make more difficult to find buyers and require patience. The important thing here is to attract the attention of a maximum number of interested potential buyers. It seems that the network, is not enough to the owners of the plantations, which will involve the use of a specialized and seller who are familiar with the teak industry. The end of this seller is to provide necessary information, an advised of prices, potential opportunities and assist and identify potential buyers.