Electrical Systems Less Concentrated

“Recent events in Chile account for the need to move increasingly towards independent electrical systems and less concentrated, so that when one component fails the shortage of energy is localized and not widespread, as happened Sunday night throughout the Central Interconnected System (SIC). ” With these words, the coordinator of the Citizens Coalition for Aysen Life Reserve, Peter Hartmann, referred to the problems it has been the primary national energy system product of the earthquake and aftershocks that have hit the downtown area south of 27 February.

Hartmann, whose organization is part of the Defense Council that promotes Patagonia Patagonia Without Dams Campaign, said that to avoid such situations in the future should take substantive action, and that is to implement a wide array of energy, something like internet as energy, ending with the current state where there are some mega bit generators (earning billions of dollars with the control of energy) and let us have hundreds, thousands, millions of electricity producers at all levels and of all sizes, creating the necessary synergies to make the system operate optimally. That already happens in countries like Germany and Switzerland, and today it is developing strongly in Britain, where it has, hybrid systems with large producers but also many small, they generate and bring from the most diverse types of sources. For example many families sell the system at certain times the electricity of their abundance. That is quite possible. “He said that both the earthquake and the widespread blackout” show what we are saying all these years.

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