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For its part, Apple has the Final Cut Studio suite. It includes, as Avid and Adobe, numerous programs, highlighting the new software Motion Graphics 3. This is somewhat similar to Adobe After Effects, but without reaching the level. It is also easy and intuitive to use. In this regard, Adobe After Effects is the industry standard, up from Avid FX or Motion 3.

Apple Where it shines is in its editor, Final Cut Pro, a marvel of interface and workflow. Not for nothing is also widely deployed system in the industry. Its limitation is obviously that only works on Mac Though some would call it an advantage rather than a limitation, the fact is that betting on Mac implies, besides having a great environment, assuming certain constraints and less flexibility. In any case, a comprehensive suite of learning relatively simple (it should be borne in mind that all these systems are difficult in itself, especially Avid), and all the professional features essential today. In this sense, Apple has always been known for pioneering support new HD formats. Finally, we have the Adobe suite. With Adobe curious thing happens.

While his program Photoshop and After Effects are the absolute leaders in their field, Premiere Pro, although improving, remains one step behind Avid Express Pro and Final Cut Pro When a step ago, we actually mean that there are a few features that the other two programs are that Premiere Pro does not. But above all, we refer to the very lowest implantation of Premiere Pro on the audiovisual industry. For some time now in Adobe Premiere noticed that they left behind, so they completely redesigned it and added the Pro As result, now is a lot like Final Cut Pro (share designer), although software and Avid editing Apple still is ahead of Premiere Pro on some issues. Many would say that subtlety. With this, the suite Adobe Creative Suite CS3 Production Studio appears a very good choice, considering that the integration work between Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop (which has been enhanced to include 2D 3D integration) provides added value really interesting. Ultimately, the important thing is to keep any of these three solutions are first class. Each has strengths and areas for improvement, but certainly with any They have the feeling of having made a bad choice. AVID, with all the editing and compositing solutions would have a market share of 45-50%, 35-40% Final Cut, Adobe Premiere 15%, mainly on small producers. After Effects dominates the market for graphics and FX in producing medium (which are the majority). The very large (which are few) are going to type composition solutions Discreet inferno, or AVID Symphony. And even these use After FX for simple things. Curiously, in Laa we used the three solutions, and have been pleased with them all. There are other minority software industry (in order of highest to lowest use) as Vegas Video, EDIUS, Media Studio, or Cinelarra (this is for Linux). Although one is quite popular in the domestic sector (Vegas), there is little producers that use it. (5%?) a Vegas and Edius Both are quite similar to the three major systems, both in performance and in use. Its lowest setting, versatility and connectivity weigh down your takeoff. a The Texel is a leader in the field of audiovisual services to companies. It has an art infrastructure and a highly qualified team.

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