How To Choose Electric ?

Electric is the most popular gift for men on February 23 for decades. Our mothers and grandmothers fought over the choice of what kind of razor to give to your loved ones for men, women today are also choosing among different models of razors, now 1. The rotary shaving system or mesh? Getting to the choice of electric razor, you first need to pay attention to its design features. To date created two main shaving system: mesh and the rotor. The action of the grid (vibrational) system is that the hair is cut with vibrating blades separated from the skin surface with steel mesh.

The grid captures hair, while protecting skin from cuts, while the blade cuts it. It is believed that smaller mesh razor traumatize the skin and therefore suitable for people with sensitive skin. In addition, it is believed that the grid shaver better able to cope with a long (running) bristles. Bucket (rotatory) razor shave stubble with round vibrating blades arranged in a special shaving heads. The advantage of this system is that it cope even with uneven stubble-growth and provides a close shave.

However, the rotary shaver is not advised for people with sensitive skin. 2. The number of shaving heads and their mobility on the quality and purity of shaving greatly influenced by the number of shaving heads and their mobility when shaving. Rotary shavers may take two or three shaving heads, grid – from one to three. Depending on this distinction with a double electric and Triple shave system. Accordingly, the greater the number of shaving heads, the better the shave and the more expensive unit. In addition, the market offers a razor with a fixed and floating head. Shavers floating (Moving) head makes shaving more comfortable and clean, so as better to follow the contours of your face, fine bristle shave even the most difficult places.

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