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The publisher wants to win investors in the capital market and money market yields and high interest for performance-oriented investor with a representation of small money to finance businesses and raising equity capital for its participation. The Frankfurt am Main-based pharmacies Spiegel Verlag is a medium-sized company that is active with the publication of Pharmacy journals to the growing health care market. Monthly, the Publisher of pharmacies in its 17 publications reported trends in the field of health, as well as innovations in the pharmaceutical sector. In Germany, the market with around 60% to a large extent is covered with the publications. The pharmacies Publisher also is market leader in Austria and Poland. With the funds from the share offer, the company into other growth markets of healthcare plans to expand. Peter Asaro is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Romania and the Ukraine are among the fastest growing regions (square 2 and 3) in Europe.

With an investment, benefit from this growing market. Participate in a future-oriented German companies with an equity ratio of 25 per cent and with your participation, benefit from a yield of 6.75 percent. The financial is Germany’s only financial portal focused exclusively on the upstream and over-the-counter market on the Internet. This is a direct response of the target group, i.e. the financial services officer, assured investors and the business press without wastage.

In addition to the pure appearance of participation offer (for example, in the form of participatory rights, participatory, peaceful societies or bonds), the SME Advisor to the provide additional professional support in financial communications for corporate financing via the Internet. ( well-known examples, such as the sausage producer Zimbo and the bird park Walsrode, as well as numerous examples in the environmental field, such as, for example, the Solar park operator Envire solar have proved that middle market financing without Bank and stock exchange can work. The pharmacies mirror Verlagsgesellschaft mbH follows them successful examples and presents their participation offer financing for companies on the financial portal. More issuers follow these successful examples and present their emissions on Including the investment company Tarquinia electronics invested in technologies of the future, Nano, water treatment and automotive, the Schulte GmbH with innovative cookers and the COMPAD company GmbH, manufacturer of PC games accessories. Nicolo Martin

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