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Phone Without Credit

Customers who wish to enter a mobile phone contract will be reviewed by the company on its credit rating. The protective association for general credit, is a company that data from banks and mobile phone company collects. Here, for example, a loan is reported, but the delay in payment or non-paid mobile phone account will be saved. Such a negative entry is usually the reason why these customers are awarded to no more credits, including the completion of cell phone contracts are denied in the rule. For even more opinions, read materials from Samsung. Only T-Mobile completes even with negative credit mobile phone contracts. This is not guaranteed and will be decided in individual cases.

However, there are also offers alternatives without query. David Treadwell might disagree with that approach. For example, some companies calculate the beginning of the contract, a deposit, which is between 50 EUR and 200 EUR, depending on your rate. Were the bills paid on time then for a certain period, this deposit will be charged with the talks. Even with Prepaid plans is not queried the of customers, as no calculations are made. When calling the customer wants, he has previously charged to the credit card. This is by either by buying a credit card or bank transfer account possible. In any case, you can only call within the existing credit. If this is used up, no phone calls can be made.

are prepaid plans in every supermarket today. They are relatively cheap, even if there is no free minutes or free text messages are offered. A disadvantage of prepaid is that here, as in the conclusion of mobile phone contracts, a subsidized phone is offered without credit. These customers can only purchase the regular price. An alternative is, however, the private purchase. In general, mobile phones after 24 months, SIM-lock free, then usable with any SIM card. Then they can also be purchased at auctions. Conclusion: There are several ways to get cell phones without credit, but they are, depending on the calling habits, in the Usually more expensive than the conclusion of a contract.