The Environment

The environment itself affects us all with the abrupt changes that produces, although in the case of positive or negative changes also affects the whole world. Throughout this article we will see types of changes affecting individuals, countries, regions in every aspect, cultural, technological, economic and social. Let’s look at the topology of the environment Change Social is when the change surprised instantly to individuals, leaving them unable to react to such transformation, is chronic since it affects individuals in mass, thus bringing social problems linked to the individuality of each person in the labour field. A clear example was what happened in the industrial revolution, it brought an end to a period of 800 years of agriculture since it was the creator of wealth at that time. To supply a source of greater power than humans can generate, the machine steam I think the ability to do things previously impossible. The same thing happened a century later with the emergence of new industries like the phone, cinema and aluminium, local economies disappeared giving rise to national economies.

All this caused mass one of the phenomena most large history collective suicide, many people removed the life because of the loss of employment. Emilie Durheim would analyse the because of this phenomenon, discovering new theories of type social and contributing to science. All of these people could not adapt to the environment, could not take precautions to anticipate the awful scenario that would be raised them. Regional change: Is when the environment attack rather than the individual in isolation, but that makes it at the macro level as for example companies, organizations, etc. On the integration of economic blocs that exist today, occurred several losses of industries as happened in MERCOSUR, one of the industries most damaged was the textile in Argentina and Zapatera industry, them not could adapt to this new change, the attack was too fast and the adaptation process was too slow, the result the disappearance of both industries causing thousands of desempleos in this way.

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