The Modification

But we know that the problem of the culture is something more well than democracy or totalitarianism, two completely separate parties and opposite, the first well to be collective decisions that grouped total power over people forming pate of the people. The second being the political regime where the State has absolute power. Moreover, without downplaying in our study talk about the relationship that we also find among culture, communication and technology the advent of technology has allowed to man the construction of different objects, the modification of the environment including plants and animals, the unhurried destruction if it, for the own satisfaction. This activity even though it influences in social progress, also intervenes in the deterioration of our environment. Each culture distributes performing functions always thinking of that way benefit you to it in different ways.

As the introduction of new technologies modifies and replaces human functions, when the changes are sufficiently widespread, you can also modify human relationships, in such a way that ends up generating a new social order. Technologies are not independent of culture, inseparable integrated with it a social and technical system currently. Technology represents one of the most extraordinary steps in the evolution of man, and which has had great influence on the human being, from the poorest societies up to the richest.

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