What Parts Of Russian-made Cars Are Replaced By Thickets

Recently started to talk about that AvtoVAZ goes on French technology. Since the French concern Renault bought 25% stake in AvtoVAZ, and seems to be not mistaken, has not passed and a couple of months, but already in the press write about their multimillion-dollar income. Also, we all know that spare parts for domestic cars must be replaced quite often, their stability is lower than, for example, in Japanese cars. This shows that the market vendors and resellers of Russian cars Spare parts may not crowded, and its dimensions are not small. What spare parts for Russian cars and trucks are the most popular and require frequent changes? What features in their use? First of all, it is disc brake pad, their timely replacement is especially important for security, so there did not hesitate.

These parts play an important role in the mechanism of inhibition car. In this case, a big load is on front axle (approximately 75%), so the front brake pads become unusable quickly, which is why the requirements for the front pads are much higher than the rear. Most believe that the rear brake pads can not change often, and do not follow their state, which is false, because if they lose their effectiveness, then the entire burden fall on the pad in front, and may fall braking performance at all. Besides, second-hand rear and new front brake pads are different frictional properties, which may lead to the fact that when braking car can 'lead' to the side. Following the frequency change are laying on the engine, as well as friction and brake linings. The purpose of seals – in the sealing contact surfaces of joints engine. Change them is important for the wear, which depends on the model, such as the specified resource exploitation strips vaz – from 130,000 kilometers, zmz – 180 000 km.

But in reality, it all depends on the conditions of operation of the machine, you should always look real state. Friction is responsible for such neposledny factor as a smooth start of auto traffic. Other words, this is the first piece coupling point. Need to replace them when it detects them defects, any other signs of wear, it may be burning-or scoring on one side. Here are just a partial list of major frequent replacements parts for domestic cars, but know this – it is one thing. The most important thing in this problem for motorists – to know where those parts under the hood of their own and determine their status. In this you and good luck.