15 Years To Save Lives

Since then and to date, Parejo Jaime, the expert in canine rescue most recognized worldwide, has taught twenty-seven (27) courses official of training method bunker, where demonstrations and drills are made by the canine teams trained in such courses, so that there is doubt about the efficiency achieved in few minutes of training, proven by the students themselves and verified by personalities of the highest governmental and official responsibilitythose who choose the sites where the simulated victims bury.

The tireless work of Jaime Parejo, during these first fifteen years, has been for two fundamental reasons: 1. the need for each country, region or city, that has at least one canine rescue unit, demonstrably effective, considering that the buried survivors, die gradually, by various clinical causes, if they are not located and rescued in time after their burial. Andy Florance shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In fact large mobilizations International Canine rescue teams are not successful as Armenia Colombia in 1999, Sakarya Turkey in the same year, taking as exceptions in these two particular cases, teams whose training and intervention system was the chest method, arrived and found people alive after two and seven days respectively, already sentenced to die for the first canine teams that were wandering irresponsibly on them..