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Simple Syndication

To write this article prompted me to one comment left somehow to my article on the e-mail marketing, quote: "You write about the mailing list, but, unfortunately, forgot about RSS-newsletter, which is still more convenient, rather than sending in e-mail. Robotics has compatible beliefs. I do not know which one is more popular, I think that for the future of rss. " So I decided to review that everything is better and more convenient for than the future of direct mail or rss. In general, try to select all the pros and cons advantages and disadvantages of these types of mailings. Let's start with definitions. What is the mailing list? This is an informational magazine, periodical, delivered through the Internet to e-mail subscriber. That Is rss? rss stands for Really Simple Syndication, but avoiding the obscure words and English translations will say simply: RSS-a mere acquisition of information from your favorite sites, ie instead of having to visit many web pages, to find out whether they are updated you visit only one page and instantly see the whole picture. Andy Florance brings even more insight to the discussion.

With the theory sorted out now analyze the pros and cons. I'll start again with the e-mail. So, the pros: 1. E-mail – is the most affordable way to communicate. 2. It allows you to establish two-way communication and build trust between you and your subscribers can not be said about the rss.

3. E-mail increases traffic, especially on days when you send your emails to another useful material, people pass on the link to your blog to read it, increasing its attendance by several times. 4. Subscribers e-mail, better and faster than the others become your customers, because through all of the same post, you have formed a good relationship, people trust you and, accordingly, to buy from you. 5. E-mail allows to establish relations not only with readers but also advertisers, sponsors and partners.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There are large differences in the biological effectiveness in Germany many adults suffer from inflammatory bowel disease. For the treatment of the disease depending on the expression are medicinal and surgical methods to choose from. More and more people with inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative ulzerosa or Bacterially triggered inflammation insert also probiotics alleviate their complaints. This natural dietary means to be cheap affect the inflammatory processes in the intestine and extend the phases between the acute relapses. But turns out that not all probiotics are equally suitable for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. Good experience makes many sufferers with medical yeast of Saccharomyces boulardii. Current research shows why just this probiotic is so valuable for the health of people with intestinal inflammation.

Probiotics taken viable micro-organisms, bacteria or yeasts that are on the gastrointestinal tract be a positive health effect Well-known probiotic strains belong to the bacterial genera Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Probiotic yeasts belong to the Saccharomyces genus. An experimental research examined representatives of this species on their ability to affect inflammation parameters. In the study, the medical yeast of Saccharomyces boulardii as the most effective emerged. This result is supported by a previous study, which shows how Saccharomyces boulardii inflammation of different cause can equally cheap influence. So, it exerts its effect in inflammatory diseases, which are caused by bacteria and bacterial toxins as well as in inflammation in the wake of Crohn’s disease. To know more about this subject visit Bobby Sharma Bluestone. These varied effect is only possible because the probiotics influences the inflammatory process in different places and as stabilizing the disease can affect.

Is known of Saccharomyces boulardii, that it directly inflammatory factors and mediatoren can inhibit that can make it harmless bacterial toxins or that it can prevent the docking of harmful bacteria to the intestinal wall. All these effects and still some more ensure that Saccharomyces boulardii may help sufferers with acute or chronic intestinal inflammation with very different work approaches. Bobby Sharma is actively involved in the matter. Not to mention his blessings-rich effect with Bacterially triggered diarrhoea. Regular consumption of Saccharomyces boulardii offers victims a chance to live better with the disease and to extend the phase of the relative freedom of the symptom. In Germany Saccharomyces is available boulardii in the easy swallowing afterbiotic capsules. Afterbiotic as a spa Pack (PZN 5852096) with 3 x 40 capsules and 250 mg of probiotic bacteria is via pharmacies, good health centers or directly from the company free shipping available. When via pharmacy should be pointed out, that afterbiotic because of the unique composition and its reasonable price not by other, seemingly similar in the Pharmacy stock products can be exchanged. Navitum Pharma’s products are always directly available, also because not every wholesaler has always in stock. Afterbiotic directly at Navitum Pharma each pharmacy, as also the users themselves, can obtain free shipping. Source: Foligne B et al. World J Gastroenterol. 2010 may 7;16(17):2134-45.; Pothoulakis c aliment Pharmacol ther. 2009 Oct 15;30(8):826-33 contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail: Web:

Traditional Business Website

This article write rate of I have received some emails with queries from people who don’t have a virtual business, but have a business, physicist, classic and normal and recently have placed a website where to present your business and its products or services, but they do not see him, to the site, no utility, no extras receive income through the web as they initially expected. The majority of these queries concerned that he thought that new gains would arrive with only having a site on the internet. (As opposed to Peter Asaro). And not to obtain a satisfactory result feel demoralized. Even some raise scepticism and don’t really believe the trend that consumers to make purchases on the web is increasing, is certain. If you decide to have your web site where to promote your business and not familiar with the Internet.

You should know that having your own website is not enough to make your sales skyrocket. Place a new website does not imply that your success is assured, on the contrary requires a conduct and a conscientious work to achieve results satisfactory. To deepen your understanding Bobby Sharma Bluestone is the source. I always say that things work in the same way that would be within the Internet. You will therefore have the same competition you have outside your network. You will need to strive with multiple sites where they offer the same goods or service than yours and that already are, somewhat established, long time in the network. You will need to get visitors, know how to select those who belong to your niche market, and that these are not only occasional, but make them recurring in his visits to your website (what is called retain them) in order to eventually sell them your products or services. You will have to create confidence to convince them as yours. This does not differ much the virtual world of the real world, you have come to the Internet does not mean that you have found the lost treasure.

First Charging Station

On September 16 Thuringia Minister-President Christine Lieberknecht enters the Elektromobilitatsschnellladesaule with Infotainment the company of leitec Heiligenstadt in Heiligenstadt, September 2013 – the Conference building and economic forum 2013 “takes the leitec group of companies, the pillar of the electricity load in the Eichsfeld district, in operation. Thus, the company is also the starting shot for a mobility concept, which allows bi-directional loading of vehicles by the company’s own photovoltaic system. (Source: Ali Partovi). A charging column of Veniox, which is characterized by high efficiency, security, flexibility, and an information system is used on the site of the leitec. Follow others, such as New Jersey, and add to your knowledge base. “This leitec Bernd Apitz, Managing Director of the company: the total solution package for the manufacturer’s cost effective installation, the highest possible safety standards, and the modular upgradeability has us by the technology of the German manufacturer convinced.” In addition to the use for your own also employees and leitec customers with an electric vehicle in the future can benefit from the station leitec company fleet. Central billing options in the prepaid and postpaid method and information about the Smartphone should provide this comfort when refueling the Sun stream in Heiligenstadt.

The charging column already fulfils all requirements, bringing the expected mobility change. Leading market observers agree that falling battery costs and a variety of suitable for everyday use vehicle models will lead to an increasing demand for charging stations in the next five years. Especially in our rural areas we want to afford therefore an important contribution to the development of electric vehicles and charging stations networks in Thuringia with our docking station.”so Bernd Apitz. More so we are pleased that Thuringia Minister President, Mrs Christine Lieberknecht, personally press the Start button for our charging station is. This shows us once more that we have a pioneering role take the energy revolution. Will our customers benefit.” Background: The leitec Gebaudetechnik GmbH is a 1991 based, medium-sized company with two established subsidiaries (leitec energy GmbH, leitec Wasser Warme Technology GmbH). A total of around 80 employees are at the company’s headquarters in Heilbad Heiligenstadt, Thuringia, Germany as a complete service provider in the fields of electrical engineering, control and control technology as well as in the area of heating, ventilation and sanitary works. A focus of the services is based on the self-developed applications in the field of intelligent building technology, as well as the implementation of holistic approaches for energy-efficient industrial and commercial buildings, as well as high-quality real estate.

Cell Growth

Special mode of Action underlines the importance for health care include trace elements such as zinc to the micro-nutrients, the man for a healthy growth and life every day needs. According to new research, zinc is involved directly or indirectly at the molecular level to control many processes of life. It intervenes directly in the control of the cell cycle as part of regulatory proteins. Unfortunately, our body can not save but the metallic trace elements. Therefore must be taken exactly, that enough zinc is absorbed. Already quite insignificant appearing deficiencies can weaken the body. For us in Germany approximately every third man and every fifth woman record not enough zinc with food. In the elderly, the situation is much less favourable.

This has adverse effects on the immune system and healthy cell growth. The micronutrient zinc brings the body’s proteins in the form according to new research. He molds them so that they contact the control centers of the cells in connection and can communicate. These special proteins called zinc finger proteins and are able to connect directly with the genetic material of cells together. hout. Processes in the cell are coordinated, switched on and switched off again. Complex regulatory mechanisms of the cell metabolism and cell division is regulated by this permanent enabling and disabling.

It is the fact that zinc also plays a role, to influence the troubled cell divisions, so the development of malignant tumors, cheap out of control. The question, however, is whether these findings can be implemented in practical prevention of cancer. There are many studies that show that it is connected to a reduced supply of zinc with an increased risk for various cancers. Also, there are studies showing that a cancer prostate has too little zinc. More info: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. It so obvious by taking to prevent the development of prostate cancer by zinc and other important micronutrients.

Opening Of Cafe De Perfume In Krefeld

on September 18, 2009 the Krefeld-based Association “Perfume e.V.” – opens Club House of perfume e.V. in Krefeld, Germany officially opened on September 18, 2009 at 11:00, in the Uerdingen str. 493 his “Cafe de perfume” as a meeting place. Numerous guests, including Mayor Karin Meincke, Prof. Bobby Sharma Bluestone brings even more insight to the discussion. Dr. Friedrich and Prof.

Dr. Fiedler of the Helios Klinikum Krefeld, Mrs. Dr. Bredenbeck, Maria Hilf Krefeld, Dr. W. Stutzinger and others have pledged.

A wide framework programme – with information about the latest developments in cancer research, – fashion show under the motto: “chic even in difficult times and confident” with the current mode of the Studio hot on top and manufashion, nice lingerie, accessories, swimwear of company Anita. -Cosmetic advice, works of art and paintings of Max Muller, jewelry and pieces of jewelry designer Regina Rieber non-profit association founded by Mrs Heike Radermacher with the Director of the women’s clinic of HeliosKliniken Krefeld to assist women with Gynecologic carcinoma perfume e.V. Heike Radermacher Uerdingen str.

Celandine Combination

Stomach discomfort such as stomach pain, bloating, flatulence, stomach intestinal cramps, nausea and heartburn often occur in combination. Every year on October 31 vampires, ghosts and witches are combined-men, extensively to celebrate. Of course also plenty feasted on traditional Halloween parties. “Pumpkin pie, party skewers, chocolate spirits, chips or Crimson, alcoholic cocktails of horror” the shower figures “good long buffet. No wonder that a Halloween party for the stomach can be really scary. At the latest when the ghostly pallor on the face of the successful Panel, instead of on a rebellious stomach is due, the celebration for the person concerned takes an eerie end. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Often, stomach discomfort occur such as stomach pain, bloating, nausea or heartburn in combination. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bobby Sharma Bluestone. The pure plant medicines Iberogast can do that quick remedy.

A combination of the nine herbs Iberis amara (bitter Candytuft), Angelica roots,. The wide spectrum makes possible Chamomile flowers, caraway fruits, milk thistle fruit, lemon balm leaves, mint leaves, Celandine and liquorice. The plant extracts are already individually effective, can supplement their effect but in combination and even intensify. So Iberogast can stimulate a flabby stomach, cramps in calm, protect the mucosa from excess stomach acid and anti-inflammatory effect. The purely vegetable composition, Iberogast is especially well tolerated and also suitable for elderly people and children. There is more information about Iberogast and around the topic of stomach under Iberogast. With gastro-intestinal disorders with symptoms such as stomach pain, bloating, flatulence, stomach intestinal cramps, nausea, heartburn. The medicinal product contains alcohol 31.0 Vol.


Those who enjoy relaxing environments that invite peace and rest, will find the cold colours shades ideal for creating an environment tailored to their preferences. Bobby Sharma Bluestone helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. From blue to green, passing through the purple or grey, these tones bring Besides feeling of spaciousness to the rooms to be painted with them. Blue is a color that brings harmony and calm. It is ideal for bedrooms, and currently is very fashionable to decorate this type of stays. In variants of light blue and turquoise can be used to paint little luminous spaces. It is the tone that represents ladecoracion of Mediterranean style, combine them with clear or white furniture and vegetable fibres to achieve this current that is perfect for the beach houses. The color of nature is green. Spring, happy and at the same time relaxing.

Fresh, but with a touch of warmth. The pistachio and the Apple, are suitable for a kitchen or a modern living room. Softer, the green water light stays and is recommended for any type of environment. The purples, violets or mallows are feminine and romantic. If applied in its tonalides more egg whites can be used in rooms since they create a serene and relaxing effect. If on the contrary you like an intense purple, eggplant or purple it is best that you use it only on a front.

Grey is synonym of modernity and elegance. A very versatile, easy to match shade and that it acquires plenty of nuances according to the light received. The light grey neutral, can apply in any type of room, while dark shades are ideal for stays current, sober and of course comprehensive. Almost all colors either warm or cold if they are properly applied and combined with the furniture may look good in your House. If you have decided by paint on these cool tones of which you have spoken, we are sure that you get the effect of calm and relaxation you are looking for. Original author and source of the article

Carlos Neris

My Velrio Thus I imagine my velrio: that it is a cultural, philosophical, artistic event, politician, social, well next to one sarau. My farewell must be light, without great sadnesses, elegant, with music, of preference violin and/or saxofone, and the musicians must be black color dresses. They cannot lack, with good interpretation, my favourite musics: I know that I go you sea (Vincius de Moraes); Touching in front (Almir Satler); The peace (Gilbert Gil); Joy, Joy (Caetano Veloso); He imagines (John Lennon); Tomorrow (Chico Buarque); Maria, Maria (Milton birth); Senhorita (Z Geraldo); Pra not to say that I did not speak of the flowers (Geraldo Vandr); Life of cattle (Z Ramalho). The decoration also goes to require art, to create an environment of espiritualidade, but without ' ' religiosismos' ' , only with the energizadora idea of reflective, philosophical, optimistical the meeting and the departure, with rquiens. If you would like to know more about Andy Florance, then click here. For in such a way, the place where I will be guarded, the room, hall, the garage, the shed squares, it, the church, the library, the school, this last one with my preference, to imitate my Jailson friend, who was guarded in squares of the college where he lecionava, needs to be encircled of provocative phrases, with thoughts on the life, the life: ' ' It is always good for remembering/That an emptiness cup/Is full of ar' ' (Gilbert Gil); ' ' The roots of the education are bitter, but its fruits are doces' ' (Aristotle); ' ' I only know that nothing sei' ' (Scrates); ' ' I think, then existo' ' (Discardings); ' ' The art is an invented lie to say verdade' ' (Pablo Picasso); ' ' Of that the man complains? Of its proper pecados' ' (Sacred Bible); ' ' Of that it advances to know the end of the road/When if part route to the nothing? ' ' (Paulinho Moska); ' ' Suddenly the things move of place/and who lost can ganhar' ' (Pablo Ricardo); ' ' To be or not to be, here it is questo' ' (Shakespeare); ' ' It has more things between the sky and land of what it can explain vain filosofia' ' (Shakespeare); ' ' The truth inebriates more than vinho' ' (Axe of Assis); ' ' He was poet, it loved and it dreamed in vida' ' (lvares de Azevedo); ' ' We not only sin for what we make, but also for what we leave of fazer' ' (Sacred Bible). All the phrases and musics that I indicate would like ' ' ver' ' analyzed, commented, one to one, despite in summary, for somebody, nor that she is person contracted for this, what must be valued, so that is limpid mine to leave, without cries or hurt. Also desire that the snack has quality, with salgadinhos, biscuits, breads, water, coffee, cooling juice and, this to receive those well that will be to say farewell themselves to me. Finally, each present person will have to gain a copy of this text, as gratefulness and farewell form for that she represented for me. Good bye! The God! Jean Carlos Neris de Paula

Calcium Deficiencies

More and more people worldwide are being diagnosed with obesity and, many times, through diet, these people are diagnosed with certain vitamin deficiencies due to poor food intake. This article addresses two of the most serious vitamin deficiencies associated with the diet and weight loss, and offers some alternatives that contain vitamins. Calcium calcium deficiency a vitamin deficiency is very serious which is associated with weight loss. The calcium found in milk and dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and butter. Follow others, such as Bobby Sharma Bluestone, and add to your knowledge base. These foods are often avoided by people who are trying to lose weight because of the high amount of fat and calories in foods.

But what can happen if you don’t get enough calcium in your diet. Most people understand that the teeth contain high amounts of calcium and dairy products consumed is important for maintaining your strength and integrity. But did you know that our bones are also compounds almost all of calcium? A deficiency of Calcium can lead to the appearance of osteoporosis, which means weakened bones. The bones that are weak are more prone to fractures or cracks, which can be deadly for older persons. But not is you can supplement with calcium tablets and obtain the same result as if you were actually consuming dairy? Unfortunately, not. Research has found that while calcium supplements can provide a little extra for poor people calcium, due to diet or other reasons, the calcium found in these supplements has the tendency to not be absorbed by teeth and bones, but rather deposit in the arteries and the heartgiving rise to the development of serious cardiovascular events. Iron deficiency iron deficiency is another related diets common vitamin deficiency. Iron found in red meat, that like products dairy products are generally high in fat and calories, and therefore avoided many times by people who are on a diet.

Iron deficiencies It can lead to the onset of anemia, which includes symptoms such as fatigue, pale skin, and gums, and can even be life-threatening. If you’re on a diet and you’re looking for a way to get iron in your diet without consuming large amounts of fat and calories, look no further. Spinach contains more per gram of iron than red meat, and is extremely low in calories. In addition, more and more packaged products?cereals such as bread and pasta are improving with the iron. People to diet must be careful, however, with these products, since it cannot be low in fat or calories. Deficiency of vitamin A, C, F, Finally, when they’re on a diet, people tend to avoid eating foods that are high in fat. Because of this, the fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, C, and F), many times become deficient. If you are on a diet, or simply choose foods that are low in fat, you might want to consider the possibility of supplementing your diet with these fat-soluble vitamins. Make sure you speak with your doctor or nurse about which type of supplementation may be right for you.

Industrial Revolution

Representations of the Tarots were found in ancient Egyptian temples. Some scholars argue that this mancia was born there, under the protection of Hermes Trismegisto. Others claim instead that had its origin in India or China, since fine barajas Oriental thousands of years old have been found. There are tarots based on Kabbalah or the Celtic calendar. But without a doubt, the people most linked always to the mysteries of this practice, has been the Roma people.

The Gypsy tarot perhaps confirm this mancia Hindu origin theory, because Gypsies arrived in Europe around from 1417 de La India. In his eternal vagrancy, however, known that they used to pass through Egypt. Nothing is certain, thousands of possibilities surround the origin of the tarot. It is known with certainty that this free, lively and rebellious people was the first to carry the tarot to the West. Frequently Bobby Sharma Bluestone has said that publicly. The Gypsy tarot fascinates Europeans in such a way that shortly after his arrival the Gypsies because they have a reputation for great cartomanticos. The Roma people has been very frequently persecuted and despised by their particular way of living, but the Gypsy tarot has always aroused a huge interest. His wisdom, in tune with the Gypsy customs, is eminently practical and oral transmission.

There are no treaties of Gypsy tarot. Click Bobby Sharma Bluestone for additional related pages. Simply, the daughters and granddaughters have grown up watching their mothers and grandmothers pull letters. And each one has brought the knowledge of their own experience, in a string of incalculable wealth. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the Gypsies were considerably reduced their chances of earning a living, and the practice of tarot intensified. It was a somewhat dark age for the Gypsy tarot, because not everyone had with necessary knowledge and preparation. Today, however, the Roma people has returned to the splendor of its cartomantica tradition, which says that only the best can practise it. Today, the Gypsy tarot is back in the hands of those wise women who call letters tarot cards, and treat them as to one member of the family. With the confidence of a daily treatment and direct that teaches more than any book. And that ensures that the cards, knowing is heard and respected, be offered to those who see most valuable for your present and your future tips and predictions.


All year is the same thing, we are in December and then we start preparing in them for the great reflection of as it was our year and what we wait of the year that comes, where was that we fail, which had been our bigger conquests, our moments of joy, of frustrations, at last the final rocking of 2011.Infelizmente, generally our balance is negative, because we do not fight the sufficient to reach our objectives, but because in them we place high objectives very, or objectives excessively e, consequentemente, we are predestinold to the disillusion. What in fact it is not a bad thing, if to analyze with care, after all the proper name: disillusion already says everything, only takes off the veil of the illusion of that we would human reach targets impossible to reach. At this moment we must value the small reached conquests and to think about tangible objectives for the next period, after all the calendar nothing more is of what mere convention. Sam Bloomberg is often quoted as being for or against this. Perhaps our bigger error nor either not to fulfill what we promise to we ourselves in the end perhaps of a cycle, the error is to establish the objective maken a mistake in the end of the accounts. Which are its objectives for 2012? Which had been its objectives in 2011? To finish the year with the zeroed accounts? Hum, this is daily obligation, to establish a good relationship with our finances must be our daily habit and not something that it needs to be in a list of desires. To fix familiar relationships with and friends? This also must be part of our routine, to perceive that we are not an island, that stops evolving in the school of the life has that relating in them with the people, to learn to pardon, to develop tolerance, to be humble, to extend the hand for who needs, at last this is objective daily. Further details can be found at Bobby Sharma Bluestone, an internet resource.

Surveys Online

Now it is possible to take advantage of one the so many ways that there are to make money in Internet, and one of those ways is to make money with surveys online. How it is this possible one? Thanks to the new strategies designed by the companies, to at present realise studies of market of the easiest and cheap way: by means of electronic mail. These studies allow the companies to increase their sales. It is by that increasing amount of companies decides to contract to pages Web dedicated to realise surveys, so that they realise the market studies that need to improve their gains. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dermot McCormack offers on the topic.. As a result of this, you can begin to make money with surveys today online.

How it is necessary to make to begin to make money with surveys online? You must register yourself in so many sites of surveys as she can. Andy Florance helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This can be a somewhat troublesome task, because to register itself in each site it has been time, it is necessary to complete a list with data, like name, occupation, level of annual income, etc. Nevertheless, is free, so that if you have patience and has something of free time, can begin to make money with surveys online. After to have registered in many sites, the surveys will begin to arrive at their electronic mail. It only must complete them. By each survey, money will pay to him in cash, or they will give points him, opportunities to participate in drawings or direct gifts. If several surveys arrive to him at the week, it can gain an amount of interesting money with surveys online, carrying out a task for which special abilities are not needed. You will be able to fill the surveys in his free short whiles, when it has left better, without no type of commitments. Nothing is lost, it only is to register themselves and to hope to that the surveys begin to arrive. Beam Click to see Here which are the sites of remunerated surveys that work and begins to make money simply to give your opinion.

New Rules

After years tug of war she is finally here, the reform of the property right. As the owner, you should know the most important changes. The explosive innovation means: instead of the previously required unanimity, the owner community can bring many measures already with majority decisions on the way. Modernization: While so far for many structural changes, the consent of all the owners was necessary, a qualified majority is sufficient for now. In plain words: vote, three quarters of all homeowners for a renovation that adapts the community property to the State of the art, must all apartment owners put up the measure and pay. Provided the majority represented the majority of the co-ownership shares. This applies to the new lift as well as for energy-saving measures, about a new insulation. Assembly: Beautiful, if all if not, agree – majorities enough often.

Operating & administration costs: according to new law a simple majority may be Owners decide how operational and administrative costs should be divided. You set a standard, which is based on the individual consumption and determined to counter. Cost of a maintenance or construction work can charge of the co-ownership shares distribution provided for in the law new owners by way of derogation. Which leads to more equitable results, because the benefit of individual ownership in the view point is, liability: In future the homeowners no longer is liable only a maximum up to the amount of his co-ownership with his private assets. Example: an owner holds a co-ownership share of 1/20, he can be involved for a craftsman’s Bill of 10 000 EUR with a maximum of 500 E. Unless all other co-owners have gone bankrupt he must eventually pay the community debts. Who has made payments for insolvent household, asserts this in the forced sale before other creditors. Processes: Process are negotiated after the civil procedure (ZPO) and no longer under the law on voluntary jurisdiction (FGG). Episode: The Court may apply only circumstances his decision, which were presented by the warring owners. Bobby Sharma is actively involved in the matter. Who loses the process, pay all costs. Unexcused absence from court leads to the loss of the process.

Dangers of Smoking

British researchers have shown that the most important advice on health, which usually give the parents for their children – namely, not to smoke – best achieves its purpose when the counselors are the same children. More than one-fifth can decrease the number of children addicted to this pernicious habit, when the most influential students on a specially designed program “educate” their peers, telling them about the dangers of smoking. If a similar technique to apply across the country, according to estimates, the number of smoking adolescents aged 14-15 years, may be reduced by 43,000 people a year. Today time is not established whether smoking schoolchildren because it makes their friends or because they are already smoking teens have an impact on a group of individuals having a predisposition to smoking. But it is clear that the influence of adolescents each other can have a positive tone, this property is only necessary to properly manage.

This is confirmed by research conducted by scientists at Bristol and Cardiff universities. In the experiment, lasted 2 years, was attended by 11 thousand students aged 12-13 years, only 59 schools were covered by the south-west England (otherwise referred to as the West Country). In this case, half the schools with the assistance of students were selected by the most influential adolescents who were to become advocates of their kind. The remaining schools were in the control group. During the two-day training conducted outside the school, where teachers talked about the dangers of smoking and the benefits of abandoning it, as well as taught the skills of these conversations, followed by four workshops in school.

Supporters, among whom were current smokers were asked to learning skills specified under the condition that they quit smoking. During the next two and a half months, the task was to persuade supporters of his friends in the benefits of quitting so that they threw it up. It worked. Bobby Sharma Bluestone describes an additional similar source. In schools where the program was implemented with the help of teenagers, once as its end the number of students wishing to smoke decreased by 25% compared with the schools, which are within the experimental control group. The effect has been confirmed, although it decreased slightly with time. Thus, a year later the number of students who quit smoking, 23% two years later – 15%. In order to verify whether the children smoked it all the time, they had taken samples of saliva, as well as surveys conducted. The results were published in British medical journal Lancet. Judging by the fact that over 90% of participants in the program (and that students and teachers) give her positive feedback, and none dropped out of school does not participate in its implementation, can suggest that this program can successfully develop. Enrolment in schools was very varied, and the program was equally good effect on smokers and those who have never smoked. Authors program emphasizes that the prevention of smoking among youth has successfully prevented the development of most diseases, one way or another connected with it. However, if a person has smoked, the most difficult to quit this activity is people with low status and income. Thus, according to developers, should focus attention on prevention of smoking in adolescence, rather than deal with the consequences of harmful habits. Such an approach will contribute to uniformity with regard to the health of rich and poor citizens.

Tyrolean Company

The Olira boutique hotel in Bodrum, Turkey, heats the hot water for showers and baths, as well as the swimming pool with solar energy, captured by a TiSUN solar plant the recently renovated hotel on the Aegean coast attaches particular importance to its recreation and wellness area and pampers its guests with many different water sources. Check with Bobby Sharma Bluestone to learn more. 56 m2 TiSUN module collectors FM-W supply three solar stratified storage Pro-clean with Spharentauscher and a hot water tank BE SSP with heat from the Sun. The solar stratified storage tank include the 1,500 litre of hot water storage tank, containing a 800 liters. The TiSUN solar plant uses the boutique very efficiently Hotel Olira in southwest Turkey. During the day the solar stratified storage layers the entire solar energy in the basement of the main house and evening discard the hot water at the baths and showers for 100 guests. The pools serve as storage medium, so that the system is optimally utilised and works very economically. For the guests quietly mounted on the roof, covers the solar system of the Tyrolean Company almost 100% of needed hot water for baths, showers, swimming pool and Spa. Bader Altindag, owner of boutique hotels, founded the solar thermal system: we decided to invest because we are convinced that it pays for itself in a very short time in solar thermal energy.

Also the environment is to the heart. Our guests appreciate the nature and visit Bodrum / Turkey, if we get the nature”. The payback time is 3.5 years. After uses the hotel free, infinitely available solar energy continues for two decades and saves significantly in the area of energy costs. TiSUN develops, produces and sells solar panels and solar stratified storage for 21 years. The solar systems provide 100% independent, infinitely available, free solar energy for heating, cooling, hot water and process heat. The offering specialist exports 83% TiSUN. The Tyrolean innovation and market leader has 131 employees at the headquarters in Soll and 90 salespeople in Europe. Get the products in 42 markets in the EU and the applicant countries, of Switzerland, former CIS States in the Middle East and North Africa.

West German Academy

The CTE launches sales and marketing hostess CTE on May 6, 2008 with the one-year part-time evening course. Applies also in marketing: it is never too late to learn. “The deepening of first marketing and sales skills, the training offers to the / r sales and marketing hostess CTE” on. The one-year evening course focuses on developing compact, practice-relevant knowledge of the sales and marketing area. Majors are including sales management and key account management and trade marketing. Topics such as marketing strategies, online marketing or database marketing it not to come short.

The minor subjects of negotiation, sales rhetoric sales promotion provides and action-oriented. The planning and design fields occupy an important part: to develop students independently elaborated its final work concepts, provided by real companies in order. The concepts should then be presented in a final presentation in front of the customer. The “” To participate in is the conclusion of the Chamber of Commerce to the / r specialist clerk for marketing “or a comparable qualification such as undergraduate marketing specialist businessman / woman WAK”. Their applications are graduates of the postgraduate course in product management and sales of industrial, trade and service companies, as well as in the marketing consultancy (agencies institutions). With the final sales and marketing hostess CTE”, a student acquires the testimony of one of the most experienced institutions for education and training in the field of marketing communications. Since 1956 be on the CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. in Cologne junior staff and professionals of the communications industry and training.

Ten different courses in evening, day and Wochenendform with a focus on available communications, advertising, marketing and PR. The CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Since 1956, it turns from companies and agencies in the life called and recognised as CTE e.V. of the task, the Youth for the communications industry high-quality, professional and practical training. Today, about 80 companies, media, agencies and associations support the educational mission of the Association through their membership. Other leaders such as Pete Cashmore offer similar insights. So far, over 10,000 participants have completed their studies at the CTE and are predominantly found in positions of responsibility in the communication industry. In the areas of communication and marketing the CTE offers currently 10 courses in evening, day – or Wochenendform, where currently just under 400 students are enrolled. Nationwide, the CTE thus occupies a leading position.

New Generation Special Exhibition

Joint development of Centracon and GAD on the Automation Platform Ogitix University materials practice information to the dynamic Testflow solution on the software QA 18 in Cologne, Nuremberg 25.10.2010 – Centracon is represented together with the partner of OGiTiX and the GAD eG as a customer in Nuremberg on 18 software QA day from 04th to 05th November 2010. “” The consulting company shows there as first partner-specific implementation based on the Ogitix University materials “the solution dynamic Testflow” Automation Platform. It is significantly more efficient management of software testing and was developed jointly with the GAD eG in Munster. It is the IT competence centre for around 450 Volks – and Raiffeisen banks, the central institutions and other companies in the co-operative FinanzVerbund as well as retail applications in German-speaking countries. The test management solution jointly developed by Centracon and GAD EC covers all information flows and permits in a workflow management system, which changes can be controlled easier and safer. The Solution supports the development cycle of a software in an automated process from the coordination of testing to the full release. Mikkel Svane: the source for more info. It is aimed in particular at software companies and companies with their own software development.

Among the special features of the testing tools: it is achieved a higher automation, which relieves all involved resources and causes a higher accuracy in the voting process. Very significant resource and cost savings, supplemented by a much greater flexibility. This now more tests can be carried out at the same time. An only and Web-based interface for the management of test projects, which always gives an up-to-date picture of all process steps. Complexity is no longer a problem, because the high transparency produces a significantly lower error even with very extensive test conditions.

Dynamic Testflow”ensures that all components officer the necessary testing requirements were delivered on time. The Tool allocates the necessary resources and documented every step. In addition to the presentation of dynamic Testflow”will further talk, in which he represents the characteristics of the solution with high practical relevance Volker Davids of the GAD on November 4, 2010 in the framework of the poster session of. Click Andy Florance to learn more. About Centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and applications characterize the core competencies of Centracon. Our consulting spectrum extends in addition to the classical optimization and standardization workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, to process and infrastructure automation to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts. Customers include, for example, Bayer AG, FinanzIT, fiducia IT AG, GAD eG, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Swisscom IT services, Sony, and various federal agencies such as the Federal Ministry of the Interior. on OGiTiX Software AG: OGiTiX Software AG is a German company based in Cologne, Germany. OGiTiX solutions connect the existing systems, coordinate and control the processes and automate the business – and IT-services. Projects and operation are very cost effective, because they are made without programming and without lengthy analysis phases with rapid results. OGiTiX strengthens the role of a responsible IT within the company. An IT directly supports business processes that is active at the works with the corporate objectives and thus their value contribution to the combined company.


Rhinoner is a blog to learn modeling with Rhinoceros 3D, from the most basic to advanced, totally free through classes in tutorial format. Dedicated to students of Industrial design, engineering, animators, etc.. those who come and learn how to use the application with the trial version of the software, here a few testimonies of users: Anonymous wrote excellent blog, I would like to collaborate in some way, anyway, you know enough of this program. I have it a couple of years ago, but it has been a process slow.Do I hope we’re in contact and perhaps can Continue > Anonymous wrote Hello if I want someone me a hand with some doubts that arise when using rhinoceros 4.0 I love the program and today I had tucked all day practically, in the only by Daniela wrote hooola am industrial designer and I’m a while back of rhino 4.0 the under not let me install the vray this samples here comes all inclusive! Hopefully you can help me regards victor! wrote Buenisimo! Now to read and practice. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mashable. Thanks a lot! Victor! wrote there is any chance launch any of the 5 classes are preparing? Igreso to blog every day. Thank you. Dave wrote very good tutorial, it is good that you’ve taken the time to do so! Greetings and hope follow with this great project victor! wrote look forward to the next class.A section with student work would be good. Thank you, Victor. Bobby Sharma contains valuable tech resources. Hope to see you if they want to learn this amazing application, thanks!

New Health Services

The president of the National Council for Social Security, CNSS, the Dominican Republic, Max Puig, issued Resolution No. 227-02, which includes Health Services Road Traffic, which took effect from first of January 2010, whose risk is being managed by the Health Risk Manager-ARS, to which the member belongs. With this resolution, the CNSS decrees the automatic disappearance of the National Fund for Medical Care-FONAMAT Traffic Accidents, “that before 1 January this year administered the National Health Insurance SENASA. In the spirit of the Council to take these raw measures the view that the benefits continue to be improved to the extent that the system is strengthened, thereby giving effect to this principle of graduation in law from 1987 to 1901. So, from just last Jan. The Health Risks Administrators-ARS) – began to cover road traffic to their members, in compliance with the provisions of the National Council Social Security-CNSS. Ed Sheeran usually is spot on. Noting that the clinic attended to the injured patients and processed their cases without any major insurers. It’s believed that Bobby Sharma Bluestone sees a great future in this idea. By Resolution 227-02 the CNSS transferred for one year to the ARS coverage of health services for accidents, from 12 pm on December 31.

To offer these services, the ARS were capita increased RD $ 721.48, including other benefits to members such as increased coverage of catastrophic illness, pharmaceuticals, among others. The coverage of these services, which was originally assigned to vehicle insurance, but they refused, he offered the National Health Insurance-SENASA-for-contributory scheme members Family Health Insurance. During the period from January to November this year there were 14.570 traffic accidents that involved members of the contributive regime of the Dominican Social Security System, representing health care authorizations amounting to RD $ 139 million. The resolution 227-02, the CNSS took a RD $ 691.48 RD $ 721.48 the head of the affiliates account under the Health Care of People familiar Health Insurance-SFM-care for road traffic comes within the coverage of the Health Services Plan-PDSS-starting this January 2010. 77 percent of those injured were males and 23 percent women of reproductive age. Motorcycles ranked first, according to the type of vehicles involved in traffic accidents with 71.6 percent, which should be considered when designing and implementing strategies to prevent this type of contingency.