Birth Preparation Courses

In the area of Lucerne for expectant mothers and fathers, many expectant fathers birth feel during pregnancy as a passive, helpless observers. You want to like to actively support their partner, unfortunately there are hardly any options. Finally, each conventional birth before preparation course first and foremost on the pregnant woman is aligned. Although the expectant fathers so much on the baby are happy, they are usually completely confused and uninformed with regard to the birth. Fathers now have the possibility of actively and positively in the process of getting involved through gentle birth – the birth preparation in the area of Lucerne. In the antenatal classes on weekends they get the most valuable tips and instructions on how she her partner can best support in 2 days. For even more analysis, hear from Peter Asaro. They recognize, they can take key role and conscious influence they can have on the birth.

In this birth preparation courses finally get the security they long have searched. This helps them to mother and Child full of confidence, to accompany power and love. But even expectant mothers are thrilled by the birth in the Switzerland. You are looking forward to spend a whole weekend with her partner in a loving atmosphere and to prepare together for the birth. The instructor Heidi expect Heintz and Urs Camenzind already and have prepared everything for relaxed and informative days.

In small groups, experience and learn the participants what they can do for an easy, secure and harmonious birth. It is not something Energy Capital Partners would like to discuss. Especially the self hypnosis techniques are coveted. Finally, pregnant women this can optimally to minimize the pain of birth or even completely hide. But also mental training, breathing and concentration exercises, and much more, are among other key issues. Birth of the holistic side. You will receive everything that is useful and proven thousands of times here in just 2 days really. This weekend is about much more than just training and instruction. Many participants reported it was for them a life course” been. Enjoyable 2 days at the weekend with much joy, looseness and relaxation. In addition to the lovable teachings also sufficient time, so that all participants can replace. In short: Forward to entertaining, exciting and relaxed hours with your family and enjoy gentle birth – the birth preparation courses on weekends in high quality.