Board Drill

The Metav Werkzeuge GmbH of Emmerich taps takes over the work agency in North Rhine-Westphalia for the PATENTAP safety. BDT Capital Partners brings even more insight to the discussion. Thus, another step is done to expand the product portfolio and to expand. The problem is each of the threaded bores on the other sees, is the demolition of the taps. A tear-off break happens usually at the worst possible time when the machining of the workpiece is very far advanced. The drill is used up then to 80%-90%.

The workpiece must be removed in the editing process. As a result, delays, costs. The drill can be out just drilled or eroded out. In the worst case, must the workpiece to scrap metal. The new PATENTAP security taps are designed, the demolition break always on the patented cutting lock held. Extremely easy, thus the drills with an emergency key can appear from the work out. The work piece is saved and can be fed back into the production. The functioning of the PATENTAP safety Taps is easy and secure.

Should there be fractional demolition, the PATENTAP safety rips taps do not as yet directly over the hole. The drill at the calculated point breaks through the patented isolating sheath. The also patented clutch opens within milliseconds and promptly takes away the drive feed of the drill. Thus it will not be also further damage caused by the stopping of a machine. This also reduces the machining centre and damage to the machine no longer occur. After the drill bit is actually broken, can be removed easily from the bore hole emergency key approach with the appropriate emergency key. The already drilled thread is still intact and the workpiece can be fed back into the production. A cost savings across the Board. Another advantage is the use of the drill to 100%. So far the taps at 800 to 900 exchanged threads that 80%-90% of the service life of drill, are about to just the fraction avoid. PATENTAP security taps can be driven through to final fracture also affects the cost. The PATENTAP security is a completely Swiss product taps. The taps come from Manigley and are accordingly by the PATENTAP AG post-processed. Thus, all dimensions of thread can be supplied, drill bits are available for all materials. Drill pictures and attachments all manufactured by the PATENTAP AG. You can reduce summarize PATENTAP security taps on the following points: – no workpiece damage – no downtime – no environment damage (machine) – no erosion work – always a lessons containing thread – 100% use of the drill thinking about it after, what is the value!