Carry Frames

Each organization that works and builds momentum faced with a situation when you need to build a warehouse. First, a small warehouse, and can simply place the wall – which resembles a mountain of products. Then this pair shelving racks. In the end, it is already full warehouse where about 200 square meters, and lots of shelving racks. But there comes a time when the products are not brought boxes and boxes, and entire pallets. At this time, the company's management decides to purchase pallet racks.

Everyone knows what it is – everyone was in "Metro Cash & Carry. But not everyone knows how to select them. The main criterion when buying a rack are: – height and depth of the side frames – which load will bear the yoke – the number of tiers of storage. Search: the source for more info. In order for you to put at least one pallet rack you need 2 side frames and 4 traverse. The side frame carrying capacity of frames from 12 to 20 tons.

Special Design Stand provides high structural strength and resistance to accidental bumps truck. Parameters of the frame height and depth: – height – depth height shelving the height of the side frames and in 95% of orders starts at 2000 mm and ends at around 12 000 mm. Typically, step height is 500 mm, for example 2000 mm, 2500 mm and then goes, then 3000 mm and so on. Depth is 800, 1,000, 1,050, 1,100 mm. Most often take the side frame with a depth of 800 mm below the Euro pallet. Traves Beam – a supporting element shelving to accommodate cargo. There are two types of traverse – Box – Box traverse the structure used to house heavy pallets and products to fit specific trucks and containers. Structural Traverse used to accommodate heavy pallets in a complex and extensive areas with a high probability of damage to structures at the work truck. Dimensions of box traverses are these: 50×100 50h125 50h150 50h175 Length: 1800 2250 2700 3300 3600 Withstand load from 1600 to 5900 tonnes per flight structural traverses are in the form of channel bar or in the form of an I-beam size 1,800 2,250 2,700 Withstand load. Channel from 500 to 1600 kg per flight. I-section from 3000 to 5000 kt. Polymer coating from shelves. Also, your attention predostavlenobolshoe number of accessories.