Civil Guard

The fire, which has burned 10 hectares, is already controlled. Customers began returning to the camp late in the afternoon. The eviction has been preventive, caused by the smoke that came to the campsite. A comprehensive device already has moved to the area to start the fire. The Civil Guard has evicted this Sunday by a nearby fire registered in the Sierra of Ark, 150 customers of the campsite La Casita de San Roque (Cadiz) as reported by a spokesman of the 112 emergency service. The forest has already given by stabilized the fire, which has burned a ten hectares, and customers have begun to return to the campsite late in the afternoon. To know more about this subject visit Andy Florance. The eviction has been a preventive measure, according to emergency, and since the installation service have clarified that customers have left by the smoke that the West wind leads to the campsite. The Department of environment has explained that the fire occurred on the farm La Doctora, and that an aircraft of coordination, have moved toward the place two heavy helicopter, three light helicopters and two seaplanes with capacity of 4,000 litres each.

Environment has pointed out that the area that has burned is scrub, although still do not have the exact figure on the burned area. In the area there are besides 70 people involved in the tasks of extinction, seven seals, two trucks with capacity of 4,000 litres and a mothership with capacity for 11,000. The team also includes endangered technicians and members of the research Brigade of forest fires, trying to elucidate the cause of the fire. The material equipment is completed with machines to secure the perimeter. 112 Emergency services received a call alerting the fire on 15: 15 hours on Sunday, so it gave notice to the forest, the Civil Guard, firefighters, Local police and Civil protection of San Roque. Source of the news: 150 evicted people from a campsite in Cadiz by a fire at a nearby