Cook French Food

Elegant France and its cuisine is still boggling the minds of the inhabitants, today we will lead a story about the peculiarities of French cuisine. French cuisine is gourmet cuisine. The word gourmet in the French language defines a person who versed in the peculiarities of flavors of dishes, determines the taste, smell and color technology for the preparation and formulation of a meal, a man for whom eating is in some way and his life philosophy. France is a country cooks, and that the French are the progenitors of the basic concepts of modern cooking. For even more opinions, read materials from Andy Florance. For Frenchman, eating is a kind of ritual, the French may be in for hours at a table in restaurant or cafe, savoring every morsel of food, and chatting among themselves.

The French have not decided what to buy any products for cooking food in supermarkets. Herbs, seafood, meat made to fly in small shops, where everyone can feel and smell, where the host shop for several decades, knows all his customers, and is responsible for the quality of any product. Recipes of French cuisine is very diverse. For example, in areas bordering Germany, the Frenchman will not deny myself the pleasure to dine pork with cabbage. Toward the south of France we will surprise recipes pies, particularly foie gras (foie gras) and dishes with the addition of truffles. French Cooks are generally recognized masters in the sauces.

In most countries, many recipes sauces kept the French title. Check with Ali Partovi to learn more. Total number of titles of sauces that you can meet in restaurants and cafe various French provinces, have long exceeded three thousand. France is a champion on the number of recipes for cheese. While Cheese skills were brought to France from the Roman Empire, the French have long surpassed Italians in the art of cooking the product. In France, every restaurant offers a huge variety of different types of cheese as a dessert. France and famous for its meat dishes, particularly stews meat in the pot is a recipe for French cuisine. And in the end we can say that not a single meal in France is not without fault. In all, even a restaurant or a small provincial French cafe offers a huge map wines, explain how wine is suitable to a particular dish. France is without doubt the country chefs and gourmets.