Corporate Value Inductors

Products to rest in a good quality. Consider the chair, which should be linked more to business professionals through new values to ensure consumer satisfaction in a market culture that they avoid increasing consumerism that often impairs Note indicating Jarrin on fact that industrial development has brought many economic benefits, but could not fulfill the role of development and growth of the members of both companies and society. Competitive pressures and the vision of the worker as a resource, additionally limited, have affected the motivation and identification of people, taking in most cases hired workers or "buy" lied ", but not committed, because there is no been able to invite people to the heart of the workplace. The most visible results in this regard are: high staff turnover, internal morale, lost productivity and competitiveness, little creativity and the formation of an environment that promotes human development and do not appreciate. Socially, stress, ambition and competition for survival or favor not allowing higher levels of human development, with high social costs that spiral back later and hit businesses and societies. " The chair considers the importance of providing the professionals that compose it, identifying with the ethical, moral, human talent, team building, commitment, sense of belonging, responsibility, achievement needs, performance, creativity, proper use of the potential we all have, for this is provided the content and use of the main tools for personal growth that can generate the necessary changes, in support of giving way to values that benefit everyone.

Management by values involves: Generate greater internal cohesion factor where the compromise is fundamental. Build a better external image, thanks to relationships based on trust in the long run Easing the transition between generations of command because they are shared ways of acting and progress. Increase ethics at all levels of the company reducing losses dishonest acts, theft or fraud. Facilitate the recruitment, thanks to previously defined profiles. Develop a leadership chain of reliable and committed to the philosophy of the company Conclusions Venezuela our interest in this debate is a turbulent stage due to political instability and many effects generated by the present Bolivarian revolutionary government that is committed institute a new socialism according to the characteristics of modern times. This has resulted in the Venezuelan business sector currently face a serious crisis in its operations, productivity, to the point, that many companies have folded, closed. This has also resulted to be express serious changes in management responsible for its operation and the manifestation of a new leadership who can cope in an exchange that enables management to adopt a management philosophy, moral and business line with a clearly defined line of thought. Please note that the management are looking for, that members of the business organization to commit and act in a coordinated and coherent approach to the business philosophy. Remember what gives us, a value-based management, is the most powerful tool a company has to measure and identify the sources of its generation within the company, allowing the link between financial decisions and long-term strategies of the company. It can also be defined as a comprehensive process designed to improve strategic and operational decisions made throughout the organization, through the emphasis on corporate value inductors