Credit Without SCHUFA Or Loan Schufafrei

The number of loan requests increasing more and more borrowers rely on a credit without SCHUFA take yet a credit. Banks reported that more loans are requested by companies and individuals. Always more often, however, are no longer awarded credit by the banks as they evaluate the creditworthiness in the SCHUFA as too low. Go to Mashable for more information. The market has reacted accordingly, and now offer new service providers in the Internet credit without SCHUFA. The conditions for the awarding of such credit are subject to other conditions and not based on the entries in the SCHUFA. This type of credit is not intended for retirees or housewives, who have no own income, but is aimed at employees who are in a permanent employment relationship and are in debt no higher than the 12 times your net salary. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Andy Florance. Especially for those who meet these requirements and have no good creditworthiness according to SCHUFA, this type of credit is a way to still a credit to get.