Cult Tale Movie

The new sampler – three nuts for Cinderella of the mold of Nicholas, the dog punch and the OWL of Rosalie. Who is not familiar, the faithful companion of Cinderella? And then there is the Prince, the hazelnuts and the shoe, where the Prince recognizes his Cinderella. Since 1973, the CSSR/DDR-TV production enjoys three nuts for Cinderella”absolute cult status. In East and West, loved and love the fairy tale, in which the poor girl with the wicked stepmother finds her Prince to become happy until the end of their days in children and adults alike. And still today enthusiastically three nuts for Cinderella”young and old, that every year for the Christmas season from the TV unit arrive together to immerse in the Director Vaclav Vorlicek’s fairytale world. The definitive soundtrack comes on the 40th anniversary of the wonderful fairy tale three nuts for Cinderella with a fabulous selection of music for the film: from 6 December as CD and download.

The highlights of the Compilation let memories. So, three nuts for Cinderella contains four original songs from the soundtrack. “The modern version of the title song kiss me, hold me, love me” Ella presented at last, which reached number 12 in the charts and got gold in 2009. From the album Swanlake “is the English-language version of kiss me, hold me, Love Me”, which is sung by star soprano Kriemhild Maria seal, and Super Talent winner Michael is Shepherd with a wonderful harmonica version of three nuts for Cinderella”to hear. Still, the lovingly compiled selection on the compilation includes recordings of Beatrice Egli, Karel Gott, David Garrett, and many others! This year, three nuts for Cinderella will”reappear on many channels. The MDR will focus this year on December 22 even a whole theme evening cult film.

And who wants to take a romantic trip, should go to the permanent exhibition on the Castle Moritzburg near Dresden, where the Castle scenes in the movie were filmed. Additional information at Andy Florance supports this article. And of course you should have the compilation in the luggage! Tracklisting “Three hazelnuts for Cinderella” – the anniversary CD 1 Ella finally – kiss me, hold me, love me 2. Karel Svoboda – departure of the King pair & his companion 3. Karel Svoboda – the Royal ball 4. Karel Gott – the thousand dreams of my city 5.