Dechen Thurman

6 Berlin Yoga Festival in the 6th Berlin Yoga Festival, which has become the largest European Yoga-highlight of the year in the past five years, is imminent and soon offers numerous workshops, among others with Dechen Thurman. From 2nd to 4th of July 2010, the cultural Park is situated on the river Havel, is fantastically Kladow to the pilgrimage site of Yoginis and Yogis. The colorful program the motto light your fire”. Over 50 international yoga teacher, guest speakers and musicians are set on fire for three days a true firework of Yoga with yoga classes, workshops and musical highlights in the cultural Park. This, more than 5,000 enthusiasts are expected from all over Europe.

The Yoga Festival is life-affirming, joyful and profound. The program offers both beginners and seasoned Yogis interesting and exciting program points. Dieter Kosslick (Festival Director of Berlinale) says to the 6th Berlin Festival of Yoga: Yoga is for me a way to relax physically and mentally, to stay fit, and to meet the demands of everyday life balanced. As Director one of the world’s largest film festivals I’m together with film celebrities on the red carpet. Behind the scenes, this is often a hard bone job. Since it’s been helpful to have a technique on the hand allows you master even the most turbulent situations in peace and strength. Have too many in the world of the film and show Bizz discovered for himself that is a long list of the Yoga practising stars.

And Uma Thurman brother Dechen Thurman has also an illustrious guest the 6th Yoga Festival in Berlin. I wish a great yoga Festival all Berliners and visitors Yogis.” Dechen Thurman New York gives a yoga workshop for the first time at the Berlin Festival of yoga. He is the brother of UMA and the son of Robert Thurman. Others including Andy Florance, offer their opinions as well. In addition to his work as a yoga teacher, Julia is a world renowned film and theatre actor.