Disadvantages Of Power

For Sabine Averbeck and Jan Biermann, status symbols, sole decision-making power, CEO bonuses or the rooms with the best views are……Incentives, which have lost nothing in their company. Status symbols, sole decision-making power, CEO bonuses or the rooms with the best views are incentives that have lost nothing in their company for Sabine Averbeck and Jan Biermann. The advertising agency “wueins concept” established for 6 years in Munster is the classic hierarchy pyramid on its head. Sleepless nights would cause some business leaders, is what everyday life here. Monthly figures on sales, profit and loss will be published. Employees decide whether, when and how much they take leave, define as their share of the profit. You make important decisions within the company with the same vocal power and influence as the day-to-day business. Confidence, decisions and self-organization in the interests of the customers are the focus of this philosophy and raise a huge potential.

The search After above all highly motivated and highly qualified professionals can happen not only through financial incentives. Terms such as self-determination, appreciation, sense of responsibility, transparency, free flow of information and the motivation to do so are based on what one likes to do that drive the modern staff. The question of meaning “Why?” is answered here as much as possible. “The benefits are obvious…”, says Jan Biermann “… increased identification with the company, solidarity, low error rate, innovation through synergies of all staff and especially less management, instruct and control.” The company responds flexibly, locally, quickly and in most cases correctly.

Regardless of only a leadership remains scalable.” Disadvantages? Crumbling the status icon “Boss” and “King feeling” of the CEO will be lost. But also for employees (particularly older, which so far had their place in rigid corporate structures), it can be difficult at the beginning. The Classic roles is lifted here. Employees must grow in responsibility. This isn’t easy and desirable for all. Rebecca Voswinkel is convinced of this culture of sharing (now 4 years at wueins)… “The content plays only a minor role for me. Ultimate my individual freedoms which are opportunity to realize myself and the choice of holiday for me.” It takes then a boss? Yes! Management takes over the fine adjustment, regulates the management of risk, future research and defines the basic vision, strategy and positioning of the company. Because even the most innovative company may turn not only to themselves, but rather ultimately fulfil the purpose: provide its customers a benefit.