Employer Branding

You have a good brand image as employer to help get to be competitive and attractive on the labour market, without affecting the following cost too circle virtuoso intended identification and sense of pride in the internal employee enabling it to act on the market, assuming the role of brand Ambassador. This will allow, you think, the external recognition of the mark on the labour market objective. 1. The feeling of the business purpose of the company and its ability to be attractive for the market of professionals. The identity of the company, their most intimate values, shapes brand as an employer. Coca Cola: the joy of life also the work there is much camaraderie, collaboration and optimistic spirit, which is what is needed to work. In addition to the dates, as the company’s anniversary, we gather to celebrate the birthday of a colleague, for example, and spend a nice time. Work in Coca Cola is quite entertaining and has many peculiarities that make one feel happy to work here.

Who says this?. >Andy Florance offers on the topic.. The CEO of the company, a Manager, a Chief of section or area. Not a simple worker of the bottling line. 2 Persons from recruitment management until the separation processes. All of them can be exploited to generate brand and some of them were part of the value proposition for the employee. The need for more personnel not only is covered by the economic part, but the intangible: emotional salary (dispose of more time free and pay greater attention to family life, to the Occupational aspirations and development, to the fact of being part of something important). The emotional salary should not require any formula sophisticated magic, but a continuous exercise of understanding to find out that looks for our partner in your life and in your work each time, as well as be creative for designing structures, working environments and sufficiently flexible personnel policies for give to professionals custom satisfaction.