Finance Ministers

reduce taxable income by up to 64.9 percent of the investment amount. Atypical silent participation in a nursing home with sheltered housing as a private placement. The distributions are tax free, because the object in a redevelopment area. Annual tax-free payment of up to 7% already from 2009 about 15% additional payout after 7 years from the liquidity reserve return of principal after 7 years of 100% initial negative tax result for 2009 to 68.7% based on the nominal amount of so-called available in closed-end funds have been in recent years after each incumbent Finance Ministers undermined. Because such funds often were of dubious quality and the tax benefits were offset by excessive soft costs often again, we deem this not wrong. The quality of the investment should be always at the forefront of an investment decision.

If then additionally possibilities of the tax savings are given, this is a good argument. However, atypical silent partnerships are a way to claim high advertising costs in the year of investment. This currently, the BTW real estate company tells that the establishment Finance Office has again recognized the advertising costs in full this year. This means that the investors could reduce your taxable income by up to 64.9% of the investment amount. Currently, the company offers a share in a health care facility in Thuringia, Germany. For the proposed nursing home, a long waiting list is already in the construction phase.

The existing homes have a load of over 98%.Because the building in a redevelopment area, the distributions of 7% per year for seven years are tax free. The withdrawal takes place after 7 years at their nominal value plus 15% excess profit distribution. More information to the for this offer, see or under social real estate. Since 2003, the advertising costs have been regularly recognized by the IRS and we have every year agreed payments made on time. In 2011, the first investments are already taken back. After extension of the investments, we reject requests, “stresses Andreas Haufs, Managing Director of BTW real estate.