HEated Floors

Also in many other objects heated floors were better than others. They create a nice warm our feet in churches, sports halls and industrial purposes. In facilities with high ceilings and conventional heating with a hot air rises and leads to unnecessary losses. Floor heating system provides heat to where it is needed most. More info: LG Elec. In open areas such as courtyards, ramps, porches and even sports stadiums heated floors hinder retention of snow and ice. Warm floor compared to radiator heating has the following advantages: in-floor heating, heat distribution in a room with a physiological point of view is close to perfect 'Keep your head in the cold, and my feet warm. " However, this old adage is not quite correctly describes graph of the temperature distribution of room height; most of the heat (to 70%) is transferred by radiation, so that is perceived more comfortable; heat savings – in apartment buildings of 20-30% in areas with high ceiling (height of three meters) to 50 and above; absence of traditional heating devices allows for more efficient use of floor space; absence of convective flow leads to a decrease in the amount of dust in heated room air; because of the low temperature of the coolant, which is about 25-30 C, heated floors are low-temperature system, eliminating the appearance of positive air ionization. In practice used the following methods for connecting floor heating systems: directly from the heat generator (boiler) in displacing – adjusting unit; from radiator heating system through a heat exchanger with the creation of own path; from DHW through the thermostatic unit; reverse the pipeline system through a thermostatic radiator heating unit (this method has not been approved by the Russian building codes)..