Innovative Ceramic Beds

New highlights from the House of Faris SPA the foundation stone of the element rests on proven thousands of times and worldwide technical facilities and has a variety of technical installations such as deck surface heating, drainage, height from 56 to 86 cm, retractable shower hose with hot cold water function, in its basic variant recessed armrests as well as molded head rest, etc. The table is versatile, such as Ham AMBE action table, but also for oil massages, Ayurvedaanwendungen or classic full body massages, and much more. The highlight of the table is its pleasant soft shape, which is carried out with large-scale thermal ceramics and is very easy to clean due to its low percentages of joints. The coloured design can be selected in 4 primary colors, however, it is possible to run the table in 60 other colours, depending on the desire of customers for an additional fee. In the same colours of heat recliner Twaeli available also with ceramic equipment a novelty for the Spa customers, is. Depending on a chic and comfortable heated bed or in fully equipped with sound wave massage with warm and soothing effect on body, mind and soul. The pickled pads provide extra comfort and are also available in two colours.

Another novelty is the heat Thermo-relax, which combines a high-quality ceramic surface with a filigree design. Thanks to their lower weight and the electric heating the bed can be moved easily within the SPA complex, allowing a more flexible use. The sleep surface from thermal ceramic molding is available in 20 different colours, the frame made of aluminium can be powder coated in any desired RAL colour. The frame with wood paneling and wooden feet is possible on request. For more information see this site: Energy Capital Partners. FARIS SPA GmbH, In the bottom 4, D-36145 Bridgend, Tel.: + 49 (6657) 6086815, fax: + 49 (6657) 6086810, E-Mail:, press: Phillip Wolter, wellness and media aft str 32, 50678 Cologne, Tel 0221 453 7373,,