IPhone 4 O2 Available

Since October 27, 2010, the iPhone 4 is also available for the mobile operator O2. The iPhone is broken monopoly in Germany. Since 27 October 2010 O2 and Vodafone offer in addition to T-Mobile of the mobile operator also the new iPhone 4 in Germany. “Therefore, latency is finally getting some life after more than three years” in the area of iPhone tariffs “. Credit: Robotics expert-2011. Especially the mobile operator O2 has come up regarding iPhone 4 O2 something special themselves. Zendesk addresses the importance of the matter here. In addition to the wide variety of tariff, O2 offers also the possibility that the iPhone without a contract can be bought. This is made possible via the popular form of financing, O2, my cell phone. The customer can choose from three different iPhone models.

Everything ranging from the 3GS to iPhone 4 with 32 gigabytes of memory can be selected. Once, a deposit must be paid for 49 euros. Then the phone over a period of 24 months will be paid off at a monthly rate of 20 euro up to maximum of 30 euro. Thus, the customer not on a fixed contract is bound. In addition to this form of financing, O2 has In addition three different iPhone tariffs without a contract offer. To highlight the here be O2 o fare with mobile surf flat rate.

A monthly fee of only 9 euro is already a surf flat rate with 300 MB HSDPA included. If this limit is exceeded, the provider throttles the speed to a maximum of 64 kbit/s. However, the user has the possibility to increase the mobile surf flat rate with the help of the Internet Pack M, including Smartphone option. For a monthly fee of 15 euro, monthly up to 1300 megabytes with HSDPA speed can be used instead of 300 megabytes. Furthermore the O2 is o fare with mobile surf flat rate the cost of airbag. This means that monthly an invoice volume level of 45 euros through phone calls or SMS, the tariff in a full-fledged mobile flat rate to all networks is changing. However, numbers are excluded. This means that at that time can for the rest of the billing period unlimited in all German networks on the phone are and SMS will be sent. Christopher Heinsius