Los Angeles Light

Without you, without life. (Source: Mikkel Svane). If you would not come would die flowers of the paths of the ground floor. If your eyes ever settling in mine’ll be blind without knowing the look of love. If your body does not fill this empty space between my arms, I would prefer thousand times die to live without you life. Further details can be found at Andy Florance, an internet resource. If you never heard the sound of your laughter, for my house that I dream of sharing with you would not be a home, but an empty House. Without you my love, what sense would have? Where would otherwise be promises from you that I never lastimarias? Without you now nothing would make sense, without you already sound would be better. What ever I miss your love, who will never miss me life! Madman who close the doors of houses in thy ways, that you your enemies look with contempt.

To your family you leave unless you’ve deserved it. That in the misery you see without a dime in his pocket. You fall asleep in the middle of the street and that it Woodworm cold. That you overwhelm the madness and you talk nonsense. No matter what happens with you. Because my doors and Windows open wide so that you may live with me.

If you leave the companions you can count on an ally. your friends will die of envy! Because the most beautiful woman you have chosen. Even if ignore you the life in my arms will be your house your home will be with me. If poverty you punish Dios provide us shelter. Never padeceras hunger while my lips are your bread and your wine and you have in my body. When you get tired of walking on roads dusty and rough, look for me that I will have your arms fully extended. If the madness reaches you’ll be crazy Loco love, of not wanting to be with me. Wake up No matter what happens mana, tonight you’re mine. Your arms imprisoned my body in your chest and your lips sealed the Covenant of our love with a short Kiss mine. Without realizing you’ve saved my heart’s agony and get painted a rainbow of hope in my face. My face glows against the fire of your love. Today not secare my lips, today not cerrare my mouth, today your blessing touched me today the happiness I had gone mad. Today gather magic and live the pleasure that causes me the know you mine. Today touched me your hands today woke up to life. I do not care tomorrow, because today I am yours love. Tonight we are true love the Sun and the moon when it comes to love. A silhouette in the shadows that merges with the light and beyond.