Make Needed Pedagogical Interfaces

To make Pedagogical, interface necessary with the social context Appeared Iza Salis Ahead of the necessity to search a new reflection in the educative process, considering the current social changes and in the work, the pertaining to school agents need to conceive the transformations that however are bothering the practical pertaining to school. We understand that the current changes go considerably to benefit the pedagogical actions of the school, making possible the search of new didactic and metodolgicas forms that can promote the process education and learning where teacher and pupil will participate with citizens of the historical process of this new model of society that however if presents. Thus being, the professor occupies a privileged place in the process of social and educational development, practical its can lead for the development of abilities capable to prepare the pupils for the confrontation of this society, and ready to act with rapidity and ability. The scientific and technological discoveries happen in fractions of seconds causing inevitable consuming in practical of the school and the professor and, therefore it compromises the actions directed toward the pertaining to school improvement, making it difficult offers of a quality education. The ample scene of available communication and technology for the population, in special for the young, leaves the fragile school, makes of the pertaining to school space an irrelevant and little attractive environment, becoming the education placed in the classroom as an unnecessary passage for the pupil, detached from the reality lived for them. To know lived to consolidate them socially for the young in scientific knowledge, the primordial requirement for the search of this construction is the ticket for the escolarizao, therefore the same ones necessarily are constituted way process education and learning, fact that only happens in this space of education, that we consider as lcus of the formation of the pupil. Get more background information with materials from Andy Florance.