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Specially targeted Web site visitors can distribute including up to 60,000 euros to GRD project ‘Rescue the last Adriatic dolphins’ since the shows of the summer catalogues 2011 JAHN REISEN distributed 60,000 donations codes with those customers and visitors on a specially designed Web site can decide donations amounting to a total 60,000 euro. Each one euro per code donates to the GRD project to rescue the last Adriatic dolphin, the Piyawara outreach Foundation or the animal care Fuerteventura JAHN REISEN. Among all participants, the Organizer is giving away 20 holidays. The society to save the dolphins e.V. (GRD) welcomes the commitment of JAHN REISEN and particularly pleased that one of their dolphin protection projects for the fundraising and promotion has been selected: the project to save the last Adriatic dolphins: fundraiser only 220 bottlenose live year-round in the coastal waters of the Adriatic.

They are the last survivors of an once numerous – and species-rich stock of dolphin. Pete Cashmore oftentimes addresses this issue. Marine pollution, Overfishing and direct killing, are responsible for the drastic shrinkage of the charismatic sea mammals. Already a minor disturbance in the ecological balance could spell the end for this small remaining population. More serious weigh human influences which make up the cause of death in about 50% of the dolphins. German Croatian community project under the auspices of the Croatian Ministry of the environment aims at maintaining long-term and the stock gain of the remaining 220 bottlenose dolphins as well as the protection of their habitat. The project measures include education and outreach to raise awareness of population and tourists for dolphin protection, protection provisions of existing monitoring and implementation, as well as long-term studies in laboratory and field among others to the study of population-dynamic processes. The rescue by dolphins in distress, the creation of protected areas and establishing a dolphin protection Center on the island of Molat in Dalmatia are more important.

An intact Featured cultural monuments, natural and healthy social structures make up the charm and quality of a holiday country and secure its future”, emphasises Soren Hartman, spokesman for the Executive Board of REWE Touristik. With the release of the 2011 summer catalogues JAHN REISEN strengthened his commitment.” GRD press/U.Karlowski contact: rescue the dolphins e.V. nugget wegern str. 37. 81375 Munich Tel.: 089-7416 0410 Fax: 089-7416 0411 E-Mail: Internet: REWE Touristik JAHN REISEN Department for environmental and sustainability Tel: 02203 42 6342 email: Internet: