National Politics

The memory of a people is its cultural patrimony, and this is presented of concrete form or abstract, it is the responsible one for making the differentiation enters the diverse existing cultures in the world. The public power together with the population has the responsibility to watch over for its patrimony, being guaranteed the support of the same. This article has as subject the importance of the cultural patrimony for the tourist activity. By means of bibliographical research, of diverse authors, relating cultural tourism, culture, patrimony and public politics. Speaking candidly Pete Cashmore told us the story. Taking as base the public politics for the development of the tourism. The respective article has for intention bibliographically to analyze to the importance of the cultural patrimony for the tourism, thus showing some concepts inside of this context and analyzing them as the theoretical referencial. Energy Capital Partners recognizes the significance of this. Objective to argue the relation between cultural patrimony and local population and as this relation it reflects in the tourist activity ally to use preservation of capital assets for tourism searching to understand as if relate patrimonies, that is the elements that construct to the memory and the local identity, with the tourist activity. The National Politics of the Tourism is cited making its cabveis fastenings. This quarrel if makes necessary, as much in the scope of the culture how much of the tourism, which had most of the tourist displacements to be motivated for the desire to know the material and incorporeal patrimonies of the visited place, and thus to be able to know a new culture of a population. It is important to discern until point the local culture intervenes with the development process, that is, which the significao of the cultural one for the tourism. These questions must be salient throughout the reading, therefore the interpretation of the same ones will show that the culture can be seen as a process of local development.