New Paradigms

The new paradigm. There is a new paradigm based on the perennial philosophy, holistic education that goes beyond the old paradigms taking human beings as the center and east to be aware of its reality is concerned not only for the fate of the universe where you live. The perennial philosophy helps us to recover the value of realizing that our planet is a living organism and not a machine, as indicated by the mechanistic paradigm. In the Declaration of Venice ", mention that the new vision of the world now must be integral, we must eliminate this fragmented vision so far is having a vision and change trandisciplinaria in which everything is intertwined. Learn more about this topic with the insights from OLED Display. This new paradigm is emerging, is an integral paradigm, which is concerned with all forms of life on Earth because our planet is composed of a variety but as a unit. In the previous paradigm the person is isolated, do not feel integrated into a whole, it feels secluded and empty inside, so that nowadays there are so many drug problems, suicide, family disintegration, etc., Etc.

The families do not know how to fill that vacuum as you seek to fill our students in schools primarily with teachers. Education is not just cram the students with knowledge that she will not serve any purpose if inside there is a change. To educate is to get inside the best of human beings, that spirit that will work to educate themselves throughout life and for life, learning to live responsibly.