North Rhine Health

A holiday in the Teutoburg Forest is able to improve not only the fitness, but makes you forget the stress in everyday life. For the VitalWanderWelt, is hiking in the foreground and has a programme for health prevention and health promotion within North Rhine-Westphalia. During their vacation in the Teutoburger forest can be selected between different places. No matter whether bad Holzhausen, Bad Oeynhausen, Bad Salzuflen, Halle Westfalen or horn-bad Meinberg, all regions are equipped with ideal hiking trails. Wander for well-being the VitalWanderWelt has among other programs for cardiovascular, COPD – tinnitus – and Adipositaserkrankte. In this program are monitored medically and psychologically by a doctor and it spas will be charged to the selection. Also recommended hikes are cared for after the health check telemedicine or by doctors. On top of that you can with the help of therapy services, nutrition advice and body massages, which are matched to the clinical picture, your Sustainably improve well-being.

The VitalWanderWelt is also perfect to relax and to relieve stress. Of course, you are also accompanied by doctors and therapists. After a fitness check, you expect then personally on you walking cut to, soothing massages and relaxing baths. Also provide tips on the prevention of diseases and to the diet for you to come back in great shape and solved their holidays. Leisure equal a good overview book the Web page of VitalWanderWelt followed with great attention to detail and offers enough information about the available therapies. The offer is illustrated by attractive illustrations and videos.

The various headings which divided the website into three main areas, make it easy to manage the site and manageable. In addition find an offer catalogue of VitalWanderWelt, you can look through online on the website. Get the latest holiday offers from nine regions of VitalWanderWelt. For additional Information is a service line available also. Via email or call you can contact in this way enabled employees of VitalWanderWelt. Take advantage of the offers of the VitalWanderWelt and book your own personal vacation in the Teutoburg Forest.