Installation Center 'Signalochka' recommendation. 1. Do not buy too cheap and little known parktronics. This can work out parktronics not last long, and in case of failure, will not be easy to find accessories for parking assistance: Sensors or block. Do not think cheap parking sensors can work well. 2.

Where is the best buy parking sensors. If you have read about isearch already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Parktronic can be ordered online store, where prices are slightly below the store, do not order the parking sensors on questionable sites, you can buy a fake. Parktronic can be purchased at auto parts store where you already have a discount, but there is one disadvantage: in case of breakage you will have to go to a service center, or to buy a new one. You can come in installation center and buy a parking assist with the installation. If you do not have to break to go to a service center, you go only to the center of the installation. 3. Before buying a Parktronic parking sensors to determine what you need. There parktronics with two, four, six and eight parking.

The most common is a parking radar parking sensors with four sensors, it is usually installed on the rear bumper (rear parking sensors). Parktronic with a large number of sensors mounted on both bumpers. Installing parking sensors on the front bumper requires constant care for the sensors in the winter and in bad weather must be constantly cleaned sensors. 4. To determine the indication and method of notification. Indicators parking sensors can be of different configurations and different technique. There are front lights to be installed in the torpedo, and installed in the rear rear of the car. Ways to alert too different, only audible indication, visual and audible indication, the display shows the distance in meters. Modern parktronics can display an image on additional screen recorder, the Parktronic parking assist is with the camera. 5. Where better to install parking sensors. Parktronic you can install yourself, unless of course the car is not new. If the car is new and you do not want lose the guarantee on the car, there are only two ways. Go to the official, which is very expensive, or go to a certified installation center, where the cost of installing parking sensors from about 2000P. This article was prepared by