Photography Hints

Through a Kirlian camera, and the possibility of photographing the aura, it is now globally accepted its existence, and to learn a wide range of colors that compose it. Of all the shades of colors available, then we will know more a representation of the determinants and their symbolism in the character of the person who owns, with a brief description of what is generally understood the subject have recognized, serving as a guide for all those who choose to study and gain insight into the phenomenon of the human aura. These colors are: RED to the person whose red color is dominant in your aura will tend to be a person who has great talent with ambition, determined to accomplish all that is proposed, has an optimistic view of life, that gives strength to face whatever obstacles you may encounter. He feels a special attraction for adventure sports, he demonstrated enormous amount of energy. It tends to perform responsible work, knows where noted for its excellent leadership and strategy.

Know relate to others, being highly esteemed by those who know him, because they are always willing to give all the love and what it takes to please their loved ones. Details can be found by clicking Energy Capital Partners London or emailing the administrator. If red is not the dominant, but is in second place, this indicates that the person is full of energy and ready to meet any goal. But red can also represent negative qualities by making all the energy it possesses, an obsession that leads him to turn out to be a selfish, bossy, moody and irritable.