Since the month of March will resume which has been consolidated as the battle by uptake of passive income, profitability increased in paid accounts and bank deposits has been significant. At the present time and with official rates in a 1.25, yields the best deposits of the financial market, ranging between 3.5% and 4% in relation to long-term deposits, the ranking by profitability flaunt it: Banco Finantia Sofinloc: with a 4.5% deposit Bankia: 4.49% Banca Civica: with a 4.39% within deposits that have most changed their financial conditionsWe highlight those that are referenced to Euribor, where yields and deadlines have been modified in order to conform to the current scenario. As curiosity that invites reflection there is a strong tendency to narrow differences between current accounts and bank deposits, this trend will be maintained throughout the exercise mainly due to both products are destined for the uptake of pensions savings and they consolidate as powerful tools to achieve more for your money. Finally, the precipitous fall in investment funds recommended at the beginning of the year and invested in Asian economies linked to the uncertainty that exists in the markets, has resulted in a focus on customers deposits and accounts of high profitability..