rss – a format that is used for rapid publication of information that is updated frequently, such as blogs, news, etc rss files are often called "fidom (feed), ie band, channel, or an Internet channel. In it, as usual contains only an abridged version published by the news – such as a stripped-down top, or a separate paragraph. Thus, this technology allows fast enlighten readers about how to update the site without forcing them manually enter and inspect all the sites they read regularly. So, what to do to start using the technology of rss? * Set the browser (Frefox or Opera, but also fits the latest version of Internet Explorer) or a program to read rss / or register on the site, which allows you to read rss directly on the Internet – Google Reader, Netvbes, Yandeks.Lenta. I personally use Google release a product.

It's all RSS-reading room". * Find your favorite websites that you read, link to their RSS-feed. on as usual it is allocated using orange icon or text string. On this blog, an icon located in the upper right corner (you can see a nice orange square with white stripes?) * Append at RSS-feed site to the browser program or the Online reader. Everything! Now you can learn about how to update site using rss. RSS-read document you how to use special readers and online services.

The scheme of this rather simple – the reader first tape adds site in its program or service, but it (the program) has been collecting information itself. Nothing is easier! The history of this format is quite recent. The first version of rss – rdf Ste Summary (RSS 0.9) was used on the site In the course of development and reform of this format was made rss 0.91, and renamed the technology to Rch Ste Summary. With minor modifications and upgrades to the format lasted version 0.94. In September 2002, was presented rss 2.0 version which stands for Really Smple Syndcaton and includes all previous formats. It is this version and are still used today. rss as a format provided an opportunity to develop other technologies. If before we were forced to use different e-mail subscriptions, or you can manually go to interesting sites, but now everything is much easier when you use the technology of rss. Almost all modern browsers know how to work with rss – nternet Explorer 7 Mozlla Frefox, Opera, Thunderbrd, Maxthon, Safar. Topics Still, readers will as usual enjoy or programs – Feedreader, or the online services that can not read, depending on the location (work or home) – Google Reader, rssua, Bloglnes, Yandeks.Lenta, and others. If you are the owner of the site and want to Readers also learned your news with the help of technology rss, you can use the popular service Feedburner. He will count the number of readers and subscribe to optimize for different services.