Russian Foreign Intelligence Service

The company’s specialists InformZaschita participated in the conference “IT business in metallurgy, machinery, fuel and energy.” The conference, held from 16 to 18 June 2009 in Moscow, brought together experts of engineering, military, mining complex, metallurgy, oil and gas industry and energy from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Range of issues under discussion was wide: Optimizing storage costs, risk-based approach to enterprise management, business continuity, based on a process approach to management. Discussion ensued, the theme of “Protection of information restricted to industrial enterprises: government regulations and business interests “, which was made by Michael Yemelyannikov, Director of Business Development InformZaschita. “It is extremely important in the context of increasing state regulation of matters confidentiality, limiting access to information and its disclosure is already at the stage of designing and developing information systems for industrial businesses to provide safety measures data: legal, organizational and technical. This allows avoiding the risks associated with violations of the law and protect the rights of holders of trade secrets “, – commented on the results Michael Yemelyannikov discussion. Company Information: Company InformZaschita – Russia’s leading system integrator in the field of information security.

The company focuses on providing services in the area consulting, audit and security analysis, design, implementation, delivery, maintenance, technical support solutions to ensure information security for today’s automated systems at all levels complexity. Company InformZaschita is a company InformZaschita, which specializes in information security, and more than 10 years is the market leader in Russia IB..