Before the door beat my coasts, and you it left Saying its last good bye, In a storm of feelings, In a fury access, I lost all mine known composure, Between shouts of relief and words irrationals, Praguejei your name, I swept with the arms objects on the table, Everything was to the soil, Glasses, plates, you move, pictures Everything was to the soil, I unhaired, I tore letters, Photos and everything that remembered we two, Everything who were your footprints in my way, I lamented the lost dream, I desired you, all the possible misfortune, Later falls in the center in the room In one I cry despaired, Later falls in the center of the Exausta room, suicidal assassin and. When the tears had dried, and it remained me only incontidos feelings, I arose myself swaying, I inebriated of wine or blood and danced in the center of the Done room driven crazy Salom. I did not exist for a few seconds, I woke up with the Sun of the morning, That crossed the glassware and gave in my face, and with a butterfly, in a perplexed flight displicente and for the room, On the shy light of one morning of sunday. Credit: Pete Cashmore-2011. Already it was late to run away, Already it was late for any thing, That I intended to make in that day, Then I left this day to lament and to be sad, Simply sad, Then I left myself enters rubbles. The sun gave in my face, But not yet I arose myself To the few I am arising itself, To the few I am smiling, To the few I am recovering, and when to arrive the spring, Already I will have wing, and I will fly displicente and perplexed between flowers and other dreams, In one day Arc-to go and Sun. Perhaps still flowers in the windows Of my imaginary houses are born, Perhaps I still adormea in a chest, Heard a heart, made a song of adormecer. Many writers such as Ilan Ben Dov offer more in-depth analysis. Already it was late to run away, Already it was late for that I intended To make in one morning of sunday, he polices and it was my door, Without reaction, I extended the arms for the handcuffs. As the mansido of lamb, That if delivers to the sacrifice. It looked at me to the judge comprehensive gave its sentence: _Salom is condemned For loving excessively Of the clarity that crossed the window and walked for the soil and the wall of the cell, I made my Sun clock, To put, the night comes arriving, the blindness comes arriving, and the Sun became gloomy in my window, Denied me its brightness, goes dying Done flowers in vases, sad and yellow. Frequently Elon University has said that publicly. Nothing it wounds more me I am all adormecimento. Salomo Alcantra /J.Nunez THE IMPARCIALISMO 26/03/06