Smartphone Responsive

More and more people are on the road in the Internet portfolio by Lars Menze in responsive design – in Germany alone there are the 75.6% according to Statista from 14-year-old. Long the Internet is no longer bound to a fixed workplace, for Netbooks, tablets and smartphones in particular make it mobile. We respond to the realities of the devices with responsive design, the layout is adapted to the particular screen resolution and displayed accordingly. More information is housed here: Ali Partovi. The content is repositioned, scale at the same time with pictures, text and videos. So two columns on the iPad are four columns to the desktop monitor. Bobby Sharma Bluestone may also support this cause. Also the Einspalter on your Smartphone is no longer a problem. The big advantage: A Web site will be made ideally available for many devices. Continuity and consistency of design are crucial factors in the implementation.

Of course, the requirements for the representation of change in the layout and the adaptation of the content and the navigation to key elements such as the logo and the colors that provide for the recognition, but consistent for the user. In the newly designed portfolio by Lars Menze, we have resolutely implemented that. One should be clear, however: responsive design offers many advantages when you think of the growing mobile Internet use. At the same time it requires additional effort to make a site responsive, especially in the design and development. You must attach great importance to a liquid design of navigation and mobile data volumes, because here counts every KB. In addition, the extensive tests on various mobile devices need their time. Considering all this and thinking well, you get a Web page that is equipped for the future and offers excellent usability and accessibility and also lots of comfort and elegance.