Soviet Union

What is the deficit, our citizens know not by hearsay. edge. However, it seemed that the days of and the Soviet Union far behind, so the shortage of any goods in the shops in Moscow nowadays phenomenon rather unusual. Nevertheless, Muscovites are faced with a real shortage of fans! In connection with the anomalous heat this year in Moscow, has sharply increased demand for air conditioners and fans. Electronics stores can not cope with large the influx of shoppers. Shelves that are intended for goods cooling the air, almost all the shops are empty and do not even have time to fill, due to the rapid this product. If air conditioning is still possible purchase at a price two to three times normal, then install it will be problematic. Installers simply can not cope with large orders. So, buying air conditioner, install it you only one or two months, and when summer is over.

With fans as another matter, the relative cheapness, there is no need to install and high energy costs, has made this miracle of technology – a favorite of the season. However, as early as July to buy fan, you could only dream of. The few shops that you can still find the fan inflate the price of 3 and even 4 times! And even this price does not scare buyers. Hero of the summer of 2010 can truly be considered leaving the store with the buyer just purchased a fan, keep it as a battle won in the heavy cup. Seeing him, a rare passer-by did not take an interest about the availability of more fans in the store, but they often get the answer: "That was the last" or "There's a huge queue, you may not be enough." At one of the internet forums, even an open, issue 'fan – fiction or reality', where Muscovites are trying to share their knowledge about the availability and cost of fans in Moscow shops. And no matter how marketers and sociologists have attempted to define or predict the needs of the population, still an important role in market development and the birth of the proposal are natural, political and other global processes affect and predict that nearly impossible.