Stephan Vincent Nolke

“1 x 1 of multi sensory marketing, a new Advisor for marketing with all senses of Cologne, March 24, 2011 you can do not marketing, it are the authors of the new monograph 1 x 1 of multi-sensory marketing” agree. Stephan Vincent Nolke, Managing Director of comevis GmbH & co. KG as well as specialist for audio branding and multisensory marketing and co-author Christiane Gierke substantiate this thesis that alone, for example, the nature of products, such as shapes, surfaces, colours, scents and sounds to represent an important part of the marketing. In their interdisciplinary Guide, the authors show how the human perception and the link between emotions and memories. zer to learn more. Explain why sound in the context of multi-sensory has a special meaning and what methodology all sensory perceptions and their interactions can be controlled here. In essence it comes, multi-sensorial to position brands and products, as well as in the consciousness of the audience.

Multisensory marketing and branding focuses on experiences that we do every day. We drive past an outdoor swimming pool and hear loud children’s laughter, the sun warms our skin and the sky is blue in a matter of seconds memories are available on hot summer afternoons, cool water and eating ice cream on a lawn. And already we get like an ice-cream”, explains Stephan Vincent Nolke. A simple display that addresses only our sense of sight, can trigger such only much harder a positive feeling and intense desire. Many companies discover slowly. the potential that lies in the multi sensory marketing ” Stephan Vincent Nolke describes multisensory marketing as a consistently choreographed strategy that covers all multisensory product or brand features in an as multi sensory, beruhrendes all the senses as well as positive and injecting experience and this at most every point of contact to the point of sale. In particular as an expert in audio branding, he sets “this special value on the element sound”, the multi sensory marketing a key role to play.