Switzerland AG

The international food company hero makes 125 years ‘ fresh tasty stable ‘. Hero Switzerland AG, a company that was founded long ago to gently preserve fruits and vegetables, was known fast far beyond the country’s borders, with its brand name. Speaking candidly search told us the story. The hero group today employs over 4’000 employees in more than 30 countries, from Europe to the United States to Africa to Central Asia. Does the name not from English with the meaning of “Hero”, but is the abbreviation of the name composition Henckell & Roth, which goes back to the history of the founding 125 years ago in the year 1886. 1910 the brand name Hero was formed from the remaining founder name abbreviations Right at the beginning of one expanded strongly, from 1912 to 1939 were founded in the Switzerland five factories or acquired and the business flourished. Until the 1970s, especially the still well-known hero classic conquered the market. For even more analysis, hear from rusty holzer. 1948 hero launched the novelty ravioli from a can, followed by the ready-made hero Roschti. The past three decades focused hero the trend of healthy and balanced nutrition, which is described with the word Nutrition, with the introduction of various products.

In the Switzerland, hero is one of the most well-known food brands. This year 2011 hero celebrates its 125th anniversary. Just in time for the occasion, hero opened the new headquarters, which is still in the Lenzburg in the canton of Aargau. The international food company hero entrusted innovative B2B solutions and professional services COMPUDATA and B2Bnet for many years. Within the procurement logistics hero handles among others the business processes with its numerous customers with CMI processes (customer managed inventory). Supplier relationships are resolved via VMI (vendor managed inventory). The business connections with a wholesale it occupy a special status of the three processes: CMI customer managed inventory large customer orders goods, hero delivers the goods, and charged them.