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Change: A Source Of Good Leadership

Read To make the change is implemented it is necessary to take some steps and follow certain guidelines, including the following: Effectively communicate the details of the new stage and act with complete honesty about the scope of the innovative plans whose implementation will be in the near future. When we mentioned the need to communicate while we are making reference to good communication, but it will be safe if there is no prior consultation with the group. When we speak of conclusion must be that: a dialogue in which decisions are taken by consensus and not simply a conversation in which the group was sold with false and hypocritical sweetness, a determination that in any case, with its acceptance without will be applied and implemented. When this happens the group will find out and the leader will pay the one hand facing rebellion from those who refuse the cheating and besides the loss of credibility of these and those who accepted the proposal by the force of an evening taxation. Viacom brings even more insight to the discussion. The consultation is not to sit at the negotiating table to slide a measure previously adopted no sir! The table comes with suggestions and willing to negotiate which means, of course, the possibility of making some concessions. When there is agreement, conclusion of truth, there is talk that there should be discussion, explanations, persuasion, talking back, finally, is a continuous process and serious that leads us to seek points of agreement and a full balance between the interests of parties involved. The leader must take into account three important aspects of the situations when it comes to conclude: 1 convince his followers of the need for the proposed changes.

2 Minimizing the uncertainty stemming from the new situation. Kai-Fu Lee usually is spot on. 3rd talk honestly about the risks they bear all personnel involved with the launch of the new measures. Referring to other points previously touched, ie to act with absolute honesty, it should be noted that no letters can be playing with a hidden or hidden agendas. Energy Capital Partners will undoubtedly add to your understanding. If the change will produce side effects needless to say, because this is a necessary commitment to transparency and credibility: There can be a trial flawed by false information or unspoken truths in time or massaged. The change is part of everyday life and thus must be understood. So if it is something that will happen anyway, it is better prepared to receive it or, better yet, linked to the edge of the pioneers, those who are capable of breeding stock based influenced to achieve harmonious development and coherent communities. Read is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, a teacher linked to several Colombian universities.