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Otherwise, will have the feeling of not given importance. Therefore, each step must be communicated in a timely manner. I give you an example to finish. It is not something Dell would like to discuss. The client calls reception:-there is a very annoying noise that has not left me sleeping in throughout the NAP. -Excuse me Lord, now I am commissioned to solve it and then pass through your room. (advises what will do) Dismissed the noise, the receptionist goes to the room:-good afternoon, I regret what happened. Happens that there is a work on the building’s side, but already talked with the foreman so that they postponed the job. (advises what did) – well, I thank you, but equally I’m not able to sleep.

-Really, I am so sorry, I would like to offer you something to repair this discomfort. If you want, you can pass the bar and we welcome with a drink before leaving. -For agreement. – And of course, this drawback will be registered to implement actions that prevent it happen again. We will keep you informed.

(advises what will do) Once you have analyzed the problem and implemented actions, although the client is not already hosted, communicates to the proceedings. In this way will perceive that his problem was taken into account, who tried to compensate, and that its case served to improve the service to him or to other customers in the future. I invite you then to today define your flowchart for resolution of claims, taking into account these four aspects. You should also indicate who is responsible for each action and what general criteria will apply (e.g., things that can be offered as compensation without consultation with the superior and in which cases should consult it), of how shall be the registration, etc. Once you have a first diagram, get together with your team, explain to them the importance and purpose of each of the 4 points, and introduce the diagram. You hear his point of view and get together them modifications that create timely. You’ll see that little by little, with these clear guidelines, they will be taking confidence in how to resolve these situations, becoming increasingly more autonomy in the management of claims. Mariana Pizzo am a professional passionate about quality in the service, and to help those who have this challenge within organizations to increase the satisfaction of its clients. I am an Industrial Engineer graduated in the Inst. Tecnologico de Buenos Aires. I have passed my career attracted by the quality concept, deploying it in my different functions. I currently have a website,, which is a center of training and tools to leaders of services.