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Mobile World Congress

A look at the Mobile World Congress 2011 in the Catalan capital Barcelona was this week in the hands of mobile wireless experts and phone fans. World Congress (14-17.2.2011), the leading mobile phone exhibition and mobile trade fair in Europe and worldwide, more than 1,300 exhibitors met on the mobile to an interested audience of around 50,000 guests. Every year the Mobile World Congress (MWC) becomes the focal point for mobile launches and presentations of innovative technology products and new apps. The great interest in the exhibition area and the redesigned app planet has surpassed the expectations of the organizers in the year 2011. The mobile portal Smartphone24.net brings together the latest news from the MWC. Interesting Smartphone highlights overview of the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona meeting point for known mobile phone and Smartphone was once again manufacturers from all over the world.

Sony Ericsso n inspired the audience with the presentation of the Sony Ericsson Xperia play, a Smartphone, that due to its special PlayStation integration and extendable controller so far is unique in the market. The mobile phone manufacturer LG concentrated, as before at the CES 2011, again on features. MWC visitors had the opportunity to test the new 3D experience on the prototype. For even greater amazement, the emerging Smartphone but caused manufacturer HTC. The company had several novelties, including many Smartphones and a new Tablet PC, in the luggage. The video message shown at the Mobile World Congress of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg led to media interest. He is pronounced clearly for the development of specific Facebook phones, and HTC are equal with two models at the Mobile World Congress presented: the HTC ChCha and the HTC salsa.

Both models are equipped with touchscreen and special deep Facebook integration. The HTC ChCha will convince business customers with its extra QWERTY keyboard. Tablet PCs new Apple iPad competitors the market for tablets was a second focus on the Mobile World Congress.